Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Days of Wine and Roses

Actually, these days there is very little wine and I make all my own roses since it is Fall now.

This card was made for the Case Study Challenge over at The Case Study Blog:

The Muse is still Julie Lacey and her work is awesome!!!

I made my rose using Carol's tutorial over at Chocolatecraftsandbearsohmy:

although I skipped a few steps (hope it doesn't show too much.

Also I cased Kittie's bouquet at Kittieraft:

Thanks for all the inspiration ladies - you are all masters!!!!


  1. Nancy, this is gorgeous and I really like that Carol/Kittie pretty! Don't you just love using these tutorials?

  2. So very, very pretty, Nancy! Your handmade rose is gorgeous. I love that bold sentiment, too!! Nicely done. :)

  3. Wow, this is awesome Nancy. Love your flower...can't tell that you skipped some You are making my head too big too!!!lol You and Crystal need to plan a road trip to GA and come craft with me for a few days. I am giving you a warning.....beware the week starting October 10 and going through the 27. I have been working on projects I will be featuring on my blog. I must admit that Pinterest has had a huge influence on the direction my style has taken. Run to the Dollar store and get those candles that are in the jar that look like Yankee Candles....I just As pick up some of those $1 cards that have the fluffy looking snowflakes.

    Bear Hugs,

  4. Well now! Bloggin', are we? SO sweet! Nancy , I love your work and your kitchen counter! Hugs.....