Saturday, September 17, 2011

Musical Flowers

This card is a case of Diane's card on SplitCoast Stampers.  Diane was the QFTD this past week and you can check out her card here:

In the Queen For The Day Challenge, you pick a card made by the selected Queen; then you try to put your own personal touches on it.  You post your "case" in her honor and tell everyone what you changed about the card to make it your own.

I had been kicking around doing some flowers using some old hymnal pages and the Stamping Up! Fabulous Florets stamp set so this challenge was a perfect way to try out my idea.  Instead of Diane's bright colors, I went with Fall colors since I am sooo ready for Fall.

I used the cupping technique on the flowers - that is when you take a large stylus and go around the flower petals in a circular motion.  This was a bit hard to do with the thin hymnal pages, but I really like how it came out. 

I am sending this to my Sister-in-law Kitty.  She really has been carrying a lot on her shoulders lately, however, when you talk to her- the world is full of sunshine and roses. You can hear her smile in every word she speaks.  It is so uplifting for me to talk to her  - she is one of heros!

I thought about posting my shopping receipts from today - but I wouldn't want to scare you all (it isn't that close to Halloween you know).  My youngest daugher Alex made Homecoming Court.  She volunteered to wear a dress she already had for the walk out during the Homecoming Game, but she needed a short dress for the Homecoming Parade and Dance.  Every dressy little dress needs sparkly earrings, an eye-catching bracelet, and some knock-your-socks-off shoes - right?  I'll try to get her to let me put those shoes on my kitchen counter so you can see them - 6 inches high at least!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun Coincidences

I have been thinking a lot about coincidences lately.  OK, you got me, I have been reading Dean Koontz again (I finished "Your Heart Belongs to Me" on the airplane back from Las Vegas and I highly recommend it).  Here are some weird ones that have happened to me lately:

*When I had my seizure, I had it at home instead of in the car driving to work because my boss Laree had changed my schedule that week to come in at 10:00 AM instead of 7:30AM. If she hadn't done that, I would have had the seizure driving to work and possibly hurt someone and/or myself.  Thanks Laree!
*When we were riding the bus down the Las Vegas strip there was a couple in front of us that I started talking to (she had an English accent so I had to start up a conversation).  I soon found out they were from Florida near where I had lived when I was younger.  They asked where I was from, and I told them I was from a small town in Alabama.  She said her best friend lived in a small town in Alabama called "Deatsville."  What are the odds of that (do you hear the song from The Twlight Zone Movie yet?). 
*My Mom gave me that Dean Koontz book to read a few months ago.  I had put it away in my bookcase to read later.  I drug out some books to read on the plane ride to Las Vegas. Since it was larger, I thought it might be enough to keep me entertained on our 4 hour flight.  Somewhere around Chapter 5, the main character mentioned having his seizure (for those of you who don't know me very well, I had a seizure at the end of July).  In the next major scene, he was on a plane to Las Vegas. Ok, that made me stop reading for awhile - I was scared to see what happened next. The man next to me said I shouldn't read anymore of the book.  LOL!!!
*Now to the coincidence in my picture.  About a month ago, I participated in a card challenge called Teapot Tuesday.  The challenge involves a detailed make believe story (although Mothermark, the challenge leader/creator, swears it is real) and a featured teapot picture. The participants make a card based on something in the story or teapot that inspires them.  We usually send our cards to someone in the hospital, someone who is struggling, or someone who needs a major pick-me-up (how fun to get 42,000 cards from people all over the world when you are down).  Every once in awhile, we send our cards to each other.  Mothermark draws our names during that challenge and tells us who to send our cards to.  I got Mutnik.  For those of you who don't know who Mutnik is, she is a very tallented artist and a really sweet girl (her real name is Cathy).  The card I made was not up to Mutnik standards by any means, and then I had my seizure.  To shorten up this story, I didn't send my card to Cathy but I sent her a note telling her that I would send her eventually. Cathy draws cartoon dairy cows which are very funny and very well done.  When I was in Las Vegas I ran across a group of collectable cows from the Cow Parade.  I bought one to send to Cathy, and I came up with a cute card idea to send with it.  When I got home, there was only one envelope that wasn't a bill and it was from Cathy  - she had made me a card featuring Curt the Cow as a male nurse.   Her card is on the right in the picture above and mine is on the left.  My card is made with a stamp set from Mark's Finest Papers called "Fun on the Farm" and is patterned after last week's card on The Case Study Blog. 

Those of you who read all the way though this unbelievably long post would get some blog candy if I knew how to create it.  It would say something like, "I Made It Through A Story At Nancy's Kitchen Counter."

Hugz to all!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stuff for Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies

I just joined Pinterest on Facebook, and I am addicted to looking at the interesting recipes and decorating ideas.  Today, I saw an idea on what to do with pine cones - you spray paint them bright fun colors like pink, mint, yellow, and white.  Then you put them in a large candle holder or vase.  So cute and soooo inexpensive.  Can you imagine what Gingerbeary could do with an idea like that?  The most interesting recipe I have seen this week was chocolate chip bacon cookies.  I bought all the stuff to make them today, and they are in the oven cooking right now - 1 minute to go.  You can find the recipe at:

I will let you know how they come out because I was missing a few ingredients....and changed a few others....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unopened Mail And My Grocery List

We arrived back from our Las Vegas trip last night so the only thing on my Kitchen Counter is unopened mail and my grocery list.  I have looked up the recipes for most the great food we ate (or wish we ate) in Las Vegas including Bacon Waffles and Chicken and Waffles - so my counter top should look awesome tomorrow (or as soon as I get a waffle maker).  We had lots of fun in Las Vegas but not as much as Crystal and Joey.  If we were still 21 we would have had a blast!  No luck with gambling - but I only gained 1 pound which is a miracle!