Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Marleys Ghost and a Concept that went Off Track

This week's Our Daily Bread Shining Light Challenge calls for using something that falls into one of the following three categories:

Bells, or
Anything Clanging

I am pretty sure this meets almost all of those! I used Diamond Stickles on that chain so it may fall into the Baubles category (I know it is a stretch but run with me on this - LOL). In the scene where Marley comes to visit Scrooge, the door bell rings - watch this:


If everyone watched that scene every morning, the world would be a better place! Finally, chains clang or they do in the movies when people drag them like Marley does.

I used a Mo Manning image of Marley (isn't it great?) and a wonderful scripture from Our Daily Bread's Scripture Collection 1 (wonderful verses in that set). In the background, I used a page from an old hymnal with the song O'er the Gloomy Hills of Darkness. It was written in 1772 by William Williams (wonder if my DH is related to him?), and the third verse was my favorite (I had never heard this song before):

Fly abroad, eternal Gospel;
Win and conquer, never cease.
May Thy lasting, wide dominions
Multiply and still increase!
May Thy scepter
Sway th'enlightened world around!

Now, I my head the concept for this card was awesome.  Use the scary Marley's Ghost image and combine it with a scripture that states God will be there for you - you don't have to be afraid of anything - not a ghost and not that your fate will be to walk the world in pain forever never being able to fix the mistakes you made in life.  Well, in a challenge where everyone's cards are fancy, pretty, and all dainty, this card sticks out like a sore thumb. Oh well, it is still one of my favorite cards and I love how the chains look 3 D and sparkle. 
Hugz to all and have a blessed week free of haunting moments like Scrooge experienced!!!!


  1. Great story behind the card and love the out of the box part :)

  2. Good Morning, Nancy,

    I so get your outside the box thinking for this card and your art. Fancy, pretty, dainty...certainly all good things, but give me a card that opens the door to the artists' heart and in there will be ART. Your card is marvelous...I loved reading your thought process and seeing those chains. And just right now, being led of the Spirit, I say...free at last, free at last, Good God, I am free at last.

    Wonderfully inspiring this early morn.

  3. Oh my goodness, Nancy...this is truly fabulous. I see a lot of deep thinking went into this card. So unique and so beautiful at the same time. Love your 'out of the box', too. What a splendid verse to use with this image. I love this creation.

  4. I think your card is fabulous! What a great concept, love what you shared and how the two (image and Scripture) went together. Very nicely done and very creative!
    Thanks so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog!
    PS Love Mo Manning illustrations, too!! What a talent!

  5. Ok-I get it Nancy. Your concept for the card is wonderful. But you description of how your card sticks out like a sore thumb reminds me of the time I showed up to a party in jeans when everyone was wearing cocktail dresses....lol The image is awesome and paired with the scripture I get where you were going with this. I would pick it for the winner just for the reason it is thinking outside the box!!! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's time to count our blessings. I am so thankful for our friendship and that you and Crystal are in my life.

    Bear Hugs,