Friday, September 18, 2015

Some Recent Creations

Hello my friends! Life has been a bit crazy the last few weeks. My youngest daughter has been in and out of the hospital due to various things that scare the doctor (and us!), and it looks like she will be having a baby sooner than we thought.  Exciting but SCARY.  Meanwhile, my other grandson is growing like a weed and getting cuter and sweeter every day.  Hopefully, I will get some time with him this weekend.
In between trips to the hospital and work, I have made a few cards this week.  The first one is for the new DRS Designs Challenge which is a color challenge.  These are the colors:
For my card, I took all my ink pads that were the closest to these colors and sponged them in layers like the photo.  Then I stamped on the new graveyard border image and the Count Your Blessings Greeting from DRS Designs.  When I went to stamp on some Long Tall Wheat (also by DRS Designs), I smudged some of the black.  Tried to get it to come off with a bit of water which did not work, tried to cover it with more ink which didn't work, and then tried bleach which looked cool so I splattered more on.  Got mad and crumbled it up but refused to be defeated so I inked some black on all the folds (making sure I had a fold where the ink smudge was) and ironed out my paper so it was flat again.  I loved the result which looks very batik. 
I showed this card to my daughter and she said she loved the look but didn't get why I put that sentiment with the graveyard.  I told her it was a cross between a Thanksgiving card and a Halloween card and is a reminder to Thank God you are alive every day.  She rolled her eyes so I am not sure the message is clear here - lol!

My next card was made for the Featured Stamper challenge at SCS and I cased Ann who is the featured stamper (click HERE to see her card).  I changed up the colors to get an Autumn effect.  I used the DRS Designs Long Tall Wheat an Autumn Greeting images.  I sponged on my ink to get the effect - it is only two colors (SU! Only Orange and TH Seedless Preserves).

I am practicing making some quick Christmas cards and my next one was super quick.  I just stamped on the DRS Silent Night Jesus Star image and sponge some SU! Not Quite Navy all around it.  A few gel pen dots and some silver twine and I was done.

Hope everyone has been having a great week - I am so looking forward to the weekend!!!



  1. These are all beautiful cards. I love the colors in all of them. Your background in your first card is outstandingly beautiful. I will pray for your daughter and her baby, but I had my son (46 years ago) and he was a preemie and was completely fine. by the time he was 4 months old he had gained too much weight and had to be put on a diet which was to alternate bottles with formula and water. That was the hard part when he just got the water, he wanted more. Wishing you a beautiful, healthy baby that I know she will have.

  2. This trio of cards look so pretty in those rich color tones! I'm saying a prayer for your daughter that this baby comes without any complications, but I feel your anxiety of the unknown. Keep crafting and the distraction will hopefully keep your mind from worrying, as will a visit from your precious DGS! Best wishes!

  3. A fabulous collection of cards Nancy, your inked backgrounds are gorgeous.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Wonderful mix of cards and lovely use of the colours for the backgrounds! Hope your daughter and baby are okay ((hug))!!

  5. Your cards are beautiful Nancy as always! Sending prayers for your daughter and her family!

  6. Such beautiful cards Nancy I like the designs, I wish i could make this sort of card but I cant I need to embellish lol, I hope everything is ok for your daughter I will keep her in my prayers
    Kevin xx

  7. I hope everything with your daughter works out OK for everyone and wishing her the best and healthiest delivery. Your cards are ALL amazing Nancy!! I especially love how you've blended the colors on all of them really!! They are very striking and nicely put together!! Sending HUGS

  8. I will be sending energy to your daughter and hoping that all goes well. Trust me, medical technology loves scaring us. I was 42 when I had my second one and the doctors did their best to scare me into getting all kinds of tests. And lo and behold, Aleeza came out a healthy baby even though she came three weeks earlier and was very tiny. And I had little milk to give her and she did get jaundice twice. But I was blessed to have my mum around with me around the delivery and kind friends too who supported me with love and prayer.

    Your cards are lovely and know your daughter will be fine. I understand how it must be for you and her, though.



  9. Your cards are fabulous. Love them all. I hope all goes well with your daughter and baby. I was wondering about her because she has not posted to her blog in a while. Our most recent grand-baby was born 10 wks early. She is doing great and may be able to come home from the hospital in the next week or two. Please keep us updated on yours. Hugs and Prayers.

  10. These are all beautiful. The middle one really speaks to me though.