Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Doodling Adventure

Hello friends!

There is a lot going on here at my house.  The kitchen counter light went out again so my card picture had to be taken outside.  Crafting and cooking are not as much fun either - can't see anything hardly.  The electrician is coming today to fix the balancer or something.  He is also installing a new industrial lighting system in my craft room and putting in "true light" bulbs so there will be some really great lighting in there.  I can't wait!!!  We are also on red alert for the call from Crystal - the one where she says she is headed to the hospital to have the baby.  Every time I hear the phone ring, I am thinking it may be THE CALL.  I can't wait to be a grandmother!!!

Now on to my card.  Lately, I have done a few card challenges with doodling, and I have really enjoyed it (the doodling and the challenges).  For today's card, I doodled on my card base and my images.  I stamped the Medium Daisy Bloom three times and swiped a yellow ink pad across the images instead of coloring them.  I added some dots at the end of some of the lines, curled the petals a bit with a stylus, and layered the flowers. For some fun leaves, I took the Fleur de Lis image, cut out the middle portion, and drew on some veins. 

For my greeting, I used the Medium Script Anniversary stamp.  This came out to be a very cheerful Anniversary card with all the yellow and the happy flower. 

Hope your week is going well!



  1. A beautiful card Nancy, such a gorgeous daisy and lovely yellows - your doodling is brilliant.

  2. So very beautiful Nancy!! Really love the happy yellow monochromatic design and how the flower is popped out!! :) HUGS

  3. This is just gorgeous,love the flower and

  4. Yeah for new/natural lighting!! Such a treat :) Love all that fabulous yellow - such a happy colour and makes for a great card. Can just imagine how you are "on call alert" - oh my! Kind of like when my daughter was away and we hoped it wasn't her calling being homesick but rather enjoying the trip - kind of the opposite of your situation but know the feeling around the phone ringing LOL! Can't wait to see pics of your grandchild :)

  5. I love your cheery and sunny card, Nancy! And WOW to the doodling! I'm tickled if I can doodle a wavy crooked line, haha! I've got my fingers crossed and positive energy coming your way for a smooth delivery of a healthy grandbaby for you!! There is NOTHING in the world better than being a grandma, unless maybe it's being a grandpa (but I doubt it!)!! Also good luck with the new lighting which sounds awesome! Big hugs, Darnell