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Coffee, Books, and Art

Hello friends.  Sharing my current reading list along with my morning coffee in my favorite mug.  Three books are missing as I have started them and left them in various places like my car, hubby's truck, and the bedroom.  I almost have the 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear done - it is fun and whimsical and very strange.  I started T he Visitors yesterday.  It was recommended by my sweet friend, Jayne.  Not sure what it is totally about yet, but right now the main character is in Cairo in the 1920's when archeologists were hunting for the tomb of Tutankhamun. Very interesting. I finished Love and Other Words Sunday night - I stayed up late to finish it which I rarely do.  I think it is my favorite book I have read this year.  I loved the characters.  Not sure I have ever read or known people who were more soulmates than those two.  It is going to be the book I recomend to every one for a long time.  My daughter is always amazed that I read multiple books at the same time. I
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Fall Is Here! Mummy Cups, Pumpkin Beer, Pumpkin Spice Creamer, and Some Art

Yay! We had the first few stirrings of fall yesterday.  Don't get me wrong, it was still hot enough for heat stroke here in Central Alabma, but we felt a few breezes and the mornings were tolerable.  I have been waiting for this since May!  Looks like we may actually have a day or two in the 70s this week. Praise the Lord! To celebrate I bought this super fun Mummy cup at the grocery store yesterday.  Isn't it adorable?  I have a mummy loving grandson that is going to flip over this.   I bought myself a few fun fall items at the grocery store too.  Pumpkin ale and pumpkin spice creamer.  These are my tickets to Elizabeth's T-day party where we share some drink related fun every week (everyone is welcome - you just need something about drinks in your post - can even be one of your favorite movies with a drink of any kind in it).  Happy T-day friends! In celebration of fall, I also painted up this lovely card.  I followed THIS fabulous tutorial on YouTube.  After an early m

Moon Pie Beer and Art

Hello friends. Our local rural grocery had some super fun beer so, of course, I bought it even though it was horribly expensive.  Seriously, who can pass up beer made from moon pies? The beer is made by Naked River Brewing Co. out of Chattanooga, Tn. It is 8.5% alcohol (probably part of why it is so expensive), and the can says it is actually made with fresh baked moon pies in collaboration with the Chattanooga Bakery (where the original moonpies became famous).  I could not pass it up.  It was awesome!  I will buy it again if I ever find it again.  Our grocery usually only buys a few of the fun beers and when they are gone, they are gone.... This is my ticket to Elizabeth's T-day party where we all share something related to a drink (of any kind and in any media).  I am a day late, but yesterday was a birthday day in our family so we had to do some party prep to try and make it special - so hard to do birthdays during football and fall ball seasons.   Some art from this week.  Th

Wine of the Week, Wine on TV, and Art

Happy T-day friends!   The wine of the week for me was The Uprising.  Such a fun name.  It was pretty good - I would buy it again if it comes back on sale.  Isn't the label fun? I am having a glass of it right now while watching a wine themed movie on Hallmark called Paris, Wine and Romance.  Such a sweet movie, and how wonderful to see the glimpes of Paris.  I want to try her pinot wine they are all chatting about in the movie.  Wish it was a true story.  I am not normally a Hallmark movie fan, but I am totally enjoying this sappy happy treat.  The wine and the movie are my ticket so I can hang out with the T-day gang at Elizabeth's.  Art for the week. Today's technique and CAS challenges on were about back to school and lots of ink colors. The sentiment is from Riley & Co and the ruler is from DRS Designs. The ink was applied using reinkers applied directly to a sponge - fun technique.  Played with some new to me dies from Spellbinders. I waterc

T is for Thursday Night Corona and a Bit of Art

Hello friends! Happy T-day to the T -day gang over at Elizabeth's blog where we share some type of drink in our posts.  After the Cousin match up which you can read about HERE if you missed it, Alex and I headed to the Mexican restaurant.  We ordered Corona Lights to go with our chips and salsa and shared the new Texas Surprize dish (shrimp, chicken, steak and veggies over rice and topped with cheese dip - yum, yum).  We split it but I ended up with enough for lunch the next day too. I forgot to get a picture of that - it was late and we were tired and hot.  I was able to make some fun art over the long weekend.   This one was for two challenges - I had been playing around with 3-D ice cream sandwiches and made this fun card for my sweet but stressed daughter.   This was for the CAS challenge on - we were to come up with a fun frame of some kind.  I used leftovers from my next creation to make the frame. Stamps are from Stampendous and

Cousins Faceoff 2022

Hello friends. This week our Grandsons all played each other in a scrimage game - the midgets from two neighboring and rival towns.  Two of them play on one team together.  It was super exciting and fun.  We were lucky it was tie as there was a little trash talk before the game, and we were hoping it wouldnt get too bad after the game. LOL. I cased a layout from this week's Featured Stamper on - THIS is the fun card I used for my inspiration. I kept her bordered panel and the stars, but made the rest my own.   The bulldog is from Deep Red (Bulldog Portrait) - I colored him up to match the colors on the team. I plan to do another page for Patton's scrapbook with a lion for the image.  Fun memories. This was also inspired by Neet's September **Art*Journal*Journey challenge of Fur or Feathers .  Hugz 

T is for Time with Friends and Family Plus Some Art

I was lucky enough to get to hang out with my work family last week.  Here are some pictures of a few of them. Those pictures are all as we were just arriving and sitting down.  We had an all day meeting and then we went to Dreamland Barbeque again.  It is an easy place to go to with a large group so we default to that place when we have limited time to plan.   Here is my drink - I got the chocolate oatmeal stout.  They brew it in the restaurant.  The location was a brewery several years ago, and they kept the equipment and continue making the beer.  The chocolate oatmeal stout is one of the best I have tried and you all know I have tried a bunch!  LOL.  This is my ticket to the T-day party over at Elizabeth's blog.    I also got to spend some time with one of my daughters and my three grandson's last week.  We went to an interactive museum in Birmingham, Alabama.  Here they are right before we went in.  I love this picture!  You can see the Alabama Theater sign and a bit of do