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A card from Last Week!

This card was made for the Our Daily Bread Designs Challenge last week - I just didn't have time to load it. Last week was a blur! I worked late most days trying to finish up work before a deadline and tried to get some last minute shopping done. I can't wait until I can drive again!!! I love to do the ODBD challenges - they seem to inspire me so easily. I love white with a touch of color (that was from the Twisted Sister Challenge last week - those girls are so fun). The card did receive a tip of the hat in the challenge. Can't wait until next week's challenge. Merry Christmas to all! In all this hustle and bustle - may you see the true gifts of Christmas: God's true and pure love for us all, the delight in a child's eye (even if the child is 60 years old), the warmth of a real hug, the touch of a friend (even if it is an on-line touch), the comfort of a warm hug and a wonderful meal, and the unseen richness of true freedom (of religion, of decis

New Toys and Thoughts of Joy

I finally got the Cheery Lynn die that everyone has been using - I love the thin spirals and cute little leaves.  I couldn't wait to make a card with it when it came in the mail.  I ordered mine from Our Daily Bread Designs.  This card is also made with a stamp set from Our Daily Bread that was a birthday present from my sweet friend Sue Worthington.  Sue went thorough my comments on various Our Daily Bread cards and tried to find the stamp set I wanted the most before she ordered it.  What a sweet friend!  This card was made using the sketch provided on the ODBD blog - it was the challenge for last week.  I included this card in a Christmas package for my supervisor - she loves purple so we all got her lots of purple things.  Our Christmas party was last night after work.  Our supervisor cooked us all dinner, and it was so yummy.  We had all selected a name out of a box, and we exchanged gifts.  The group bought the best gifts, and it was so fun to watch everyone open their

A Bunch of CAS Cards and a Gift

This lovely beauty arrived in the mail this last week.  It is a kitchen towel and card made by Ann Merry.  Ann is so talented and I covet her kitchen towels.  She has sent me one every year for the last three years and I love every one of them!  Isn't the card cute too?  She is amazing! I was talking on the phone with Sue Worthington (IrishGreenSue on SCS)  last night and I made a bunch of cards while I was talking to her.  I think we were on the phone an hour, but for some reason she inspired me.  My neck still hurts this morning!  Thanks for the Inspiration Sue!!!  Here are the cards I made yesterday (warning - there are a lot of them!).  Here is another.... And another..... And another.... And another.... And this one I made in the morning... I actually made several more, but I am running out of time this morning - got to get ready for work.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I will be making cards can you believe it? Hugz,  Nancy