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Butterflies and the Book of Job

I wanted to get one more journal page in for Alison's Play It Again theme at **Art*Journal*Journey.     I was also playing in the Watercolor challenge at which is all about making butterflies while playing with your colors, brushes, and marks.  Super relaxing and fun.  My song for the AJJ challenge is  Where Were You? by Ghostship.   I did mine in my Journal Bible. To be honest, I just opened up the Bible and this is the page it opened to and I went with it. If I stretch, I can say that Job's loyalty freed him, or that when God restored him, he felt free. Then the butterflies make more sense.  We could probably go in 50 different directions with this if we thought about it. It is freeing to think that suffering will end one day - one day soon or eventually and God has it all under control and it is all part of His plan - one we can't understand always but that isn't our job. Job modeled an understanding of that that few can remotely get close to

Bible Journaling, a Concert, a Stout, and a Bit of Art

 I finally bought some good quality Daniel Smith Watercolors and what did I paint?  Circles.   This Bible Journal Page is actually for two challenges.  One is the color values challenge on last week and the other is for **Art*Journal*Journey* where Alison has us playing with one of our favorite songs or movies.  I had the song Jesus is Coming Back by Jordan Feliz stuck in my head so I journaled one of the thousands of biblical references to His return (Luke 17).  I always think of orbs when I think of our souls (funny how we all chose our own ways of visualizing things).  HERE is the link to the song if you are interested (it is addictive so fair warning). Speaking of music, my youngest daughter took me to a Black Jacket Symphony concert in Montgomery, Alabama, Saturday.  When BJS does these "Best of concerts" they pick several bands to cover. We knew they would be doing songs by the Police, but we were not sure which other songs they would do.  We to

Coffee, Beer, and Art (a Little Coffee Art Too)

 Funny how little things can make us happy, right?  I always smile when one of the T-day gang shares a coffee picture with  lovely foam art - I am always a bit jealous as well.  I finally found a place around here that does it too!  This was a honey latte at Prevail. They also carry fun beers so I grabbed one to try later. I had high hopes for this beer with it being Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, and Coffee flavored.  It was a bit too bitter for me. I do love the can and the name.   My little country grocery store started carrying one of my favorite stouts so, of course, I bought some. It was wonderful - especially with some chocolate!  Linking up to the  T-Day Party at Elizabeth's blog  where we all share drink related pictures, art, movies, etc. (Elizabeth is sharing tea pot art  today if you are interested in visiting).  The rest of the week, I will be dieting!   I did get a little crafting in this weekend.  I made us a calendar to remember when the baseball games are and w

Baseball, a Birthday, Mexican Food, Beer, Wine, and Art

Hello friends. This past week was filled with a special birthday, baseball, mexican food (always), a few cool drinks, work, art, and some shopping. My youngest Grandson turned 5.  Time flies.  He asked for an Atlanta Braves themed cake and the party was at a super fun jumping/obstacle course/playhouse.  Isn't this cake fabulous? It was made by our cake artist friend, Amy.  Her cakes are super yummy and very cool.  The birthday boy is on the right.  These are my three Grandsons.  We have entered baseball season - 2 games a week and a few tournaments thrown in.   Hubby agreed to go shopping with me so we could pick out new "baseball chairs" and a foldable wagon to pull them in.  We needed sturdy chairs, and I wanted one that rocks.  Now, we just have to lift a few more weights so we can actually get the wagon in and out of my car - lol.  Along the way, I talked him into stopping at a local Mexican restaurant.  He ordered his usual 2 chicken soft tacos, but I ordered somethi