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Blue Milk, Butter Beer, a Stinger and Banana Margaritas

Happy T-day!  I have some fun drinks to share with the T-day gang at Elizabeth's Linky Party and for anyone else who just loves interesting drink posts. The first fun drink is butter beer (non-alcholic) at Universal Studios in Orlando.  My daughter Allie raised this glass to me knowing how much I wish I was there this past weekend.  Isn't it a great picture? She also sent me this Star Wars Blue Milk picture too.  Evidently it is a cool thing to drink when you go to Universal Studios. The weekend before she left for Universal, we went to the Prevail Union coffee shop in downtown Montgomery, Alabama and had a fabulous drink called the Alabama Stinger.  I highly recommend it - I could have drank 2 or 3 of them!  We had never visited this shop and it was definitely worth the time and money - click on the link to see some fun pictures.  Here is a picture of us outside the courtyard door. I saved the best for last.  In this one we are celebrating that Alex has her job lined up afte

T is for Tea, Whiskey and Art

 Time. A precious resource.  Over the past two weekends, I was able to get some quality time with my youngest daughter, Allie.  These pictures are from two weekends ago.   We started with lunch at a fabulous tea room in Opelika, Alabama, called  The Well .  They have yummy salads, scones, their famous beet brownies, and teas.  I selected a carmelized pear tea (the top left of the pictures) and Allie had some kind of coconut tea (bottom of the pictures).  They were out of their beet brownies, so we split a scone.  I had never visited before, but I discovered that some Art Journalers meet there monthly so when work slows down, I will be definitely visiting more.   After lunch, we stopped over at the John Emerald Distillery to try some of their whiskies. These whiskies had a bit too much bite for me.  I had never tried Rye before - I discovered I am not a fan so the fact that it spilled on the flight board did not bother me.  Both places were worth the 1.5 hour drive.  We stopped off at

Beer, Journaling, and a Card

 Happy T-day, friends. Starting off with my ticket to Elizabeth's T-day link up  on her fun blog, Altered Book Lover .  I know a Michelob Ultra is not terribly exciting but this was at Cracker Barrel.  In all the years, I have been going to Cracker Barrel, they have never offered alcohol so thi was a shock to me.   Hubby had the chicken pot pie. I had greens (x2), carrots, and brocolli (plus the beer - lol).  The diet is still on, down almost 17 lbs. I have some art to share as well. Starting with my popsicle inspired Bible Journal page.  My grandson was eating a popsicle and I used some of the colors to do my page.  Linking this to Elizabeth's What's Your Style theme over at **Art*Journal*Journey* .  My style is still evolving, but I do love layers of paper or ink.  This page has ink and Stickle layers.   Here is #Wanderlust2020Class creation in my journal.  What a fabulous lesson this past week. 9 layers of ink, paper, gesso, modeling paste, paint, and details.  My art ma