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T is for Tennessee and Thanksgiving

Hello friends and Happy T-day! I have been traveling a lot lately so I haven't been able to post or create much.  The travel has been for work and for fun.  Last week we did two trips - one to the mountains (Tullahoma, Tennessee for Thanksgiving) and one to the beach (Orange Beach, Alabama for the Grandsons' Wrestling matches).  Lots of fun places, great food and drink, fabulous snacks, entertainment, and family time. Now it is time for diet season so we can survive all the yummy Christmas eating.   When we arrived at the airbnb in Tennesse, this is what was on the kitchen counter (you know how I love kitchen counters - lol). The Watersedge chocolates were so wonderful we ended up going to the candy store and buying more.  Seriously, this was some of the best chocolate I have ever had.  They make everything there and it is high quality.  I will be shipping some as Christmas presents as they ship.  I included the link if you want to check them out. Some of my favorite things we

T is for a Saturday Escape

Hello friends. Happy T-day to those who celebrate it!   My ticket to T-day over at Elizabeth's blog is a lovely trip to the Ozan Winery and Vineyard which is about 40 miles from our house in Central Alabama.  We each had a flight to see which bottle to order.  Alex liked the blueberry and I liked the Apple, so we couldn't split a bottle.  We ended up each having a glass of our favorite.  The flight glasses look bigger here than they actually were, and we did not drink the ones we didn't like (I only liked the apple).  The vineyard was bare of leaves already and most everyone was sitting inside, but we wanted to be outside and pretend we were in another world. LOL. We split a snack box of cheese, meat, fruit, and crackers. It was really good and we stayed about an hour.  Then we returned to the real world.... Hugz and thanks for visiting! Nancy

Thankful for Acorns, Leaves, and Collage Fodder

Hello friends. Today I have an art journal page inspired by THIS watercolor video shared by Kia for the water color challenge AND Elizabeth's and Bleubeard's **Art*Journal*Journey* theme Collage Fodder or Food and Drink or Both.   I miss everyone at AJJ so I am glad I had some time to play in this challenge.  I could not find my pencil so I outlined the acorns and leaves with a light paint on watecolor paper. I was too lazy to go back and watch the leaves portion of the video so mine are a bit big and a bit crazy, comparatively. I like them so it all works out.  The base page is all collage fodder from Taperology   I am addicted to the pretty stuff in that store and someone sent me a package of papers.  Wish I knew who.....I would give them a big hug.  Isn't that Alice Cooper ticket fun?  There was even a faux Beatles ticket in the package. I layered the papers with Gesso and a bit of TH Vintage Photo DOX. Thanks to Kia, Elizabeth, and Bleubeard for t

T is in Baseball Tournaments, Thick Beer, and Art

Lack of sleep, work events, a craft retreat, and lots of grandkid activities have kept me away the last few weeks, but I miss hanging out with the T-day gang and all the rest of you faithful friends. I saw where Elizabeth posted the scary skeleton house in her T-day post so here is a picture of the Fall Ball team two of my grandsons play on.  This was at a haunted baseball tournament.  Yes, cemetery is spelled wrong. My daughter asked me to do the sign in the back, and I was copying something I saw on Pinterest and didn't even notice the spelling.  This is the Stephen King spelling - way spookier.  Aren't they a great looking team?   I also need my ticket to T-day even if I am a bit late. This was very hoppy and very interesting. I would buy it again.  I have been doing a lot of watercoloring. The first one and the last one were done using tutorials.  I made a lot of mistakes, but I love how they came out. #2, #3, and #4 have DRS Design Sentiments (or pieces of them). Thanks fo