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Kitchen Gnomes, Sharks, Cake, and a Crown

Today is Wednesday but I am pretending it is Tuesday so I am can join in Elizabeth's T-Day Linky Party - those girls are so fun and I don't want to miss checking in with them and their drink related posts.  Two trips to the car dealership and the post office stold my blog time yesterday.....thankfully everything is fixed and mailed now. Stressful week to say the least so I am starting with my drink!  Double shot of Crown Black - that tells you how stressed things have been because I don't do Crown much and rarely a double shot and I didn't even mix in Sprite.  Used hubby's deer glass as it makes it taste better - lol. Did my last page for Elle's **ART*JOURNAL*JOURNEY* May theme of "Language."  It is also for Mike Deakin's Mission Inspiration May Mini-Theme on Facebook which is Haiku.   It works for Language as Haikus are part of Language and I used cooking terms as well.  The design was also inspired by this week's'

A Bear, Some Wine, a Bit Too Much Glitter

What is your spirit animal?  Mine is a bird of some type.  My family swears it is a Parrot because they never shut up. I am not sure about that, but I am sure that my hubby's Spirit Animal is a Bear.  So this card is dedicated to him! I did this card for the Inspiration Challenge on and I was inspired by THIS cool pin on Pinterest.  I didn't think it would come out well so I didn't even sketch him with a pencil first - probably should have so my distance on his mouth and nose would have come out better but mine came out a bit more cartoonish and I made some other changes as well (like a longer face, stubble, etc.).  Hubby loves him but disagrees he is a bear It is Tuesday so time to check in with the T is for Tuesday gang at Elizabeth's blog .  Here is my fun drink from this past week. The wine and cheese were Mother's Day Gifts from my girls that I broke out this weekend.  The wine bottle is fun but the wine was too sweet for me (I

Tea, an "Old Love Letter", Etcetera...

 Happy T Day! Linking to the T is for Tuesday party at Elizabeth's and I have two tickets! I drink coffee every morning, but this morning I just couldn't do it.  I wanted Licorice Spice tea but it has no caffeine so I mixed it with Earl Grey.  The mixture is wonderful!  Having it in a Mom mug - a Mother's Day gift from several years ago.  I found this mug at my daughter's house the other day - many of my dishes end up there somehow..... Also sharing a card with a fun wine in the background.  The card is super CAS - just playing with different combinations of this new silhouette fisherman image and other stamps.  The wine (on the right side along with some cookies) was gift from my daughters.  I did some Art Journaling with weekend since I was all by myself most the time (hubby is with his brother out of town) and could do what I wanted.   I wrote a pretend letter to Evan from Virginia. Evan went off to fight in the Spanish American War - thank God it was a short one bec

Language Plays, Billiard Balls, and Some "Interesting" Wine

 I always look forward to the new **Art*Journal*Journey* Theme each month. The May theme was chosen by Elle and she chose Language as the theme. So many cool things you can do with that theme.  This weekend I chose to do the Language(s) of God in my Journaling Bible.  When I started, I was going to do Fasting as a way of speaking to God but after listening to a Sermon on Fasting, I realized that was more complicated and I would have to study it more first. So I switched gears midstream and just did some of ways that God speaks to us and vice versa.  There are many more, but I put the ones I could think of quickly here.   The papers are from an old hymnal and Close to My Heart (CTMH).  The gnome is CTMH as well.  Now I have played with all the gnomes in the set,and I totally love them. While looking for the hymnal paper, I ran across an old song book that I was saving.  It was damaged so I knew it would have to be recycled into something.  I think it is from the 30s or 40s.  My husband