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Prattvile Plein Air Art Adventure

Happy T-day if you celebrate it.   I am meeting up with the T-gang over at Elizabeth's Blog who post a wide variety of things going on in their life and ensure something is drink related.   This weekend, I participated in the Prattville Plein Air Art Event.  I was especially drawn to the comment about it being mentally stimulating and relaxing. I had chickened out by Saturday morning, but my daughter encouraged me and said she would go with me so off we went.  We picked the Pratt cemetery because it is hidden away on a beautiful high point in town and has the coolest gravestone for Daniel Pratt who founded Prattville and contributed greatly to industry in Alabama.  This is the cemetery.  We arrived very late (the last two hours of the two day event), but we still found people around town painting (we drove to the top of the hill as it was a bit too far for me and all uphill so our walk was a short one). They gave us water, snacks, a lovely art journal, and a cool bag to put our sup

A Napping Mouse

Happy Saturday.  I received a fabulous card from a friend this week, and she included a new stamp (Yay).  It was the Rose Nap House Mouse image, and it made me smile because my Mother loved HM so much.  It has been a long time since I played with one, but I now I totally remember why we loved them.  Isn't it the sweetest image? I stamped, watercolored, and layered in the image into an ATC sized panel.  Then I was stuck with what to do for the background until I saw a fabulous rug on Pinterest.  I decided to try and acheive a woven rug look by drawing the lines with a marker and then adding in various water colors and making sure to use the main colors of the image as well. Entering this in the House-Mouse & Friends Monday Challenge:  Anything Goes Spring Theme .  Hugz, Nancy

T is for P: Pizza, a Peacock, a Pocket Letter

It's T-day again over at Elizabeth's blog where we all post something related to drinks.  Today my drink is a Sparkling Ice drink which my daughter and I love.  Here we are at her new house eating a wonderful pizza from Fox's Pizza (half chicken rancher and half pepperoni) and sharing an Ice drink (we are sitting in the couch out of the camera's eye of course.  The drink was appropriate as it was like ice in her house as she never had her gas turned on and we had a cold snap.    Here is what the drink looks like prior to opening.  After we ate pizza she convinced me to go to the Art Guild and see the local art displayed there.  This was my favorite piece they were displaying.  The artist was there and we talked to her a bit.  She tried to convince me to come this Saturday and do their Art Walk.  Evidently you sign up and they give you a package of art supplies.  You walk around downtown and draw/paint something.  Then they display all the art during the next week. I am

T is for Treats Like Voodoo Child and Cookie Monster and Watercolored Flowers

Hello friends. In one of the towns next to us, they have a great coffee house, so our family decided to grab a coffee and ice cream last week.  It was a hot day so some of us got iced coffee and everyone else had ice cream.  My middle grandson had cookie monster ice cream which is his seond favorite behind gator claw.  I can't rememember what any one else had, but I had the voodoo child coffee (coffee, lavender, cream, etc.) - it is my favorite so far.  Someone was all smiles (he got the comfy chair).  You can see a bit of my 6 ft 4 husband pointing at the ice cream while he was waiting for his to be ready.  Of course, I totally forgot to take a picture of my drink until the very end.  Made my Grandson hold my empty cup for a picture. I seriously considered another drink.... A bit of art from this weekend.  This was for the Inspiration Challenge at - I drew and watercolored it using Daniel Smith watercolors and a white and black gel pen.  Iris, I tried to mak

Happy Dreamy Pocket Letter Art

Hello! I just learned there is something called a Pocket Letter.  Evidently, it has been around a long time, and I am just super far behind on the trend.  My crafting friend, Marci, told a group of us about them and she had sent out 100s of them to people all over the world. She sent me one and I was hooked!  Here is my first completed one that I made: There are all kinds of styles for these. You just need to fit 9 pieces of art/cards in 9 pockets and have a general theme.  I have seen them where one big image is cut up and each piece decorated so it makes one big scene (my next plan).  Behind the cards are little treats like bling, thread, recipes, gift cards, tea, handmade embellishments, etc.  n one of the top pockets you are supposed to have a litter to the recipient with information about yourself to the person who gets it actually gets a letter.  For this one, I added embellishments, a Starbucks gift card, and some fun teas.  I am sending this one to Marci so she can see how she

T is for a Terrific Weekend

Yep I had a terrific Weekend, and I have three ticket's to Elizabeth's T-day celebration (where we share anything to do with drinks).   My first drink is from the Harry Potter Exhibition in Atlanta, GA .  We visited this past Sunday and loved it. I can't remember what this mocktail was called, but it had a dry ice that made it smoke (removed before we drank it of course) and the bartender added in a bunch of cherries for my grandson.  She let him stir them up and was so sweet to him - one of the nicest bartenders I have ever met. Well worth the high price of the drink.  Also at the exhibit they had the famous Goblet of Fire - this was the actual prop from the movie. I wish they had done a larger version of the dining hall, but they did have a cool set up and the movie of the dining hall in the background changed constantly to reflect many of the scenes in the movies.  If you love Harry Potter, you would love it.  They did have a few tables set up and some hanging candles.