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Pizza, Beer, and the Great Flood

One of my favorite things to do is visit craft breweries so hubby and I visited the  Great Flood Brewery  on our trip to Louisville, Kentucky. The brewery doesn't have a public room so we went to their offshoot restaurant/bar in Middletown.  As I am a Porter fan, I tried the Coffee Porter served in a Toasted Brown Glass. It was wonderful. We tried one of their New York Pizzas too.  We were tired and didn't read the size very well - it was HUGE and could have fed 4-6 people.  We had them go light on the cheese (we think they didn't hear that part) and add chicken, bell peppers, mushrooms, and jalapenos. It was wonderful. We had pizza for days! We wondered about the brewery name.  The brewery has a very informative website HERE . I didn't see anything about how they came up with their name, but it turns out Louisville has had a number of huge floods.  The most famous one is the flood of 1937. In 1937, t he Ohio River flooded in late January/early February, and families fo

Some Books, Fun with a Napkin, and Wise Words from a Doctor

 Hello crafty friends. I have been a bit under the weather the last week.  I haven't been sleeping well and my ears have been bothering me.  Yesterday, I was going to bite the bullet and go to the doctor, but then I realized I still had pills from the last time this happened.  I took them and woke up better this morning.  I am guessing that the lack of sleep clouded my memory and judgement because I could have been better days ago!  Urgh!  But a happy urgh! Since I didn't feel like doing much this week, I did read some more books.  I started the first of this series on vacation, bought number 2 on my way home from vacation and then finished this one today.  I love Jane Yellowrock, but I am not sure I am up to another dive into the dark vampire underworld she moves around in.  When I bought book two at a used bookstore in Cullman, Alabama. I also bought Blood Price by Tanya Huff.  It is an older book, but I loved Vicki Nelson and the fact that she hangs out with a vampire that i

A Covered Bridge, a Shotgun Wedding, Patton Wisdom, and Some Art

 On our recent vaction, hubby and I got back to our historical marker seeking.  This time we visited the Clarkson Covered Bridge. It is super long and very cool.  We also found a website HERE that has a mapped out tour of Alabama where you can visit 7 in one day - a fun trip for a Fall weekend.  This is the only picture I took of the bridge. The day before, we visited the Patton Musuem at Ft. Knox, Kentucky and viewed Ft. Knox from as close as they will let you get. They say there is still a ton of gold in Ft. Knox - trillions of dollars worth.  We liked the Patton Museum.  I don't agree with most of Patton's management style, but do respect that he accomplished much.  I was impressed with some of his leadership statements like this one which I totally agree with: They have some fabulous items at the museum - hubby could have looked for hours and hours if I had let him. They have planes, tanks, and other vehicles there too so you can see exactly what the war equipment looked l