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Saturday Playdate - Paint, Nature, and Faces

 Yesterday, I had some free time and two of my grandsons, so we decided to do another session of #Wanderlust2022Class.  We had a blast with these and I thought I would share them with you.  They were painted with some very interesting items! This was mine.  I am linking it up to **ART*JOURNAL*JOURNEY* where Erika's January theme is Let's Face It.  This one ws done by my grandson, Lewis (age 6).  He said he was going for a tornado look.  I think he accomplished his mission don't you? This one was done by my grandson, Hollis (age 4). He said black was too dark for him!   We had a lot of fun.   Thanks for visiting!   Hugz, Nancy 

Tea, Gumbo, and Art

I am still putting away Christmas things since work has been so hectic lately.  I put away this fab tea gifted to me by my oldest daughter.  I actually mixed in a bit of the cocao shell tea I bought off Amazon too. It has a fabulous flavor and smells awesome. I also bought a new tea ball and used it as well.  This is my ticket to the T-day party over at Elizabeth's.    Happy T-day! Last week, Kathy from the T-Day gang (thanks for reminding me Kathy so I could edit this) posted Martha Washington's favorite cocao shell tea . Since my daughters are sort of decendant from the Washingtons on their Dad's side, I thought they would really love to try it (one did and one didn't - lol).  Here is the back of the container - so fun! My eldest daughter and I are continuing our diet and yesterday I made something I called Bond Road gumbo.   It was the day before grocery shopping, and we didn't have any fresh veggies left. This is a lot of cans dumped into the pot so we could get

Paint, Grandson Time, and Some Unusual Faces....

I am a learner. I am in love with learning.  I wish that had been true when I was younger, but it didn't hit me until I was in my 30s.   I learned so much this week that my head hurt. So fun.  My favorite thing I learned was from Wanderlust 2022 (#wanderlust2022class).  This class was about art journaling yourself among other things.  Two of my grandsons were here (ages 4 and 6) so we did it together and we had a blast.   Posted in order of age!  I may or may not have taken the liberty of making my face a little thiner and m hair a bit longer and cooler and Allie may or may not now be a pirate, but it was fun, fun, fun.   I am so glad I signed up to do Wanderlust.  Linking these fun faces to Erika's Let's Face It theme at **Art*Journal*Journey*.    Hugz, Nancy

A Bit of Tea, Horses, and a Cowboy

 I love when my children follow in my footsteps and beyond (only the cool footsteps, of course).   My daughter, Allie, has developed a love of tea.  She sent me this picture over the weekend of her having tea in her newly remodelled bedroom.   She was drinking Breakfast in Paris tea in one of her favorite thrift store mugs.  This is my ticket to the T-day gathering over at Elizabeth's blog .  To join us, all you have to do is have a drink related post (can be any type of drink).   The neighborhood horses have been gathering in our backyard for some reason. Our horse refuses to come up near our house because the lady who owns all these horses gives her much better treats.  They all jump the fences and visit everyone.  The mule in the picture is actually named after me because I named one of cows after the neighbor (he paid me back - lol). I gave them apples when they came on Sunday, and they have come back every day since - lol.  We had a bit of sadness yesterday when another neighb

Cookies, Wine, a New Diet, and Pretty Girl on a Horse

Hello friends, and happy T-day.  Gone are the days of cookies, sweets, and wine - at least until I can get this holiday weight gain off - lol! Even our General Manager at work sent sweets to everyone.  I loved this box of ginger cookies decorated like a water heater and the Rheem logo. Perfect treat, and a very sweet letter he sent.  I am sure this accounted for at least one of the lbs I gained. Thee next goodies may have resulted in a few more of my extra lbs - especially if you could see all cheese, dips crackers and chocolate that went with it.  It was a very good wine and it is my ticket to Elizabeth's T-day play date where we all share something related to drinks (of any kind).   These days it is mostly water for me, and I am eating tons of veggies and fruits too.  Last night, my Grandson, Lewis, wanted to make some cards.  He found my brayer and wanted to learn how to use it.  I showed him how I use it, and he had a blast with it.  To clean it off, I used an uncompleted page

Wanderrlust2022 Practice Pages

I am really looking forward to Wanderlust2022 (#wanderlust22class).  I had a bit of time today so did a few of the warm up classes.  Both of the journal pages I did also fit Erika's Let Face It! theme at **Art*Journal*Journey.  First, I did a practice page after watching Composition Building with Kasia Avery.  My daughter had accidently printed 10 copies of this picture so I practiced with it.  Next, I tried a warm up with J erney Marisha.  It is a hot mess but it was partially drawn with my left hand - lol.   Hope you are having a wonderful New Years weekend!