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A Little Dash of......

Hello friends, I bought a Dash last week from Amazon. My daughter had purchased one previously when we did a chicken and waffles charcuterie board.  I wasn't impressed.  Then I saw a bunch of recipes on TikTok and thought it might be worth the $9.99.   I have to tell you, I am totally addicted to this little thing and I am thinking of buying this one next: It is $17.99 but so very cute!  I have used my aqua Dash every day since I got it and this is what I have made: * Turkey meatloaf waffles with turnip green jambalaya (mixed up ground turkey meat with an egg, onions, bell pepper, garlic, cracker crumbs, salt, pepper, tajin,  and a bit of tomato paste and rolled into balls which I smashed with the dash lid - then I mixed up turnip greens, chopped and diced turkey sausage, canned chicken, chili beans, tobasco and califlower rice with salt, pepper and tajin seasoning).   *blueberry biscuits with Jimmy Dean maple sausage - Grands Biscuit tore in half, rolled into a ball and smashed wi

Grandson Time, A Rainbow, Lemon Loaf Tea, and a Happy Pig

Sunday, I had the best time with my favorite crafting buddy - my Grandson Lewis (age almost 6).  He and is brother, Hollis, spent the morning with me.   Lewis made 13 "cards" which is what he calls any art he makes at my house.  He was channeling the Try it on Tuesday  Rainbow theme - I didn't mention it to him but he drew me a rainbow and I added it to my Journal and am linking it up to TioT.   I added in a picture of Lewis and the words we said when he handed me the rainbow.  He used a Stabilo pencil and some markers to make his rainbow.  So precious - may be my favorite page in my art journal.   Here is another creation he made: This is a man driving  car with smoke coming out.  He loves the Stabilo pencil and water.  He also cut this out himself.  I think he did a great job on this car.   I also got a special treat from my youngest daughter who snuck a fun new mug in my cabinet.  She is a Thrift Store addict and she found this fun speckled mug - I love speckled dishes

Dogwoods, Dragonflies and a Zombie

 Dogwood flowers are so pretty and my Mother loved them.  They inspired me to do this Art Journal page and two cards this weekend. I was also inspired by these lovely words.  I stamped the DRS Designs Dogwood Branch image a ton of times, and then water-colored and fussy cut them out while watching a movie.  Then I used white gesso over my journal page, splattered it with various colors, and assembled my wreath.  It needed something else so I added in the bee.   I am linking this Art Journal Page to the **Art*Journal*Journey* "Inspired By" theme for April. Here are my two cards also made with the Dogwood Branch. I tucked in the Chick on a Nest image for some cuteness.  I splattered the top background as well.  The bottom panel was done with sprays and sponging. The jar is a CTMH Die that I made a border around using a metal nib and India Ink.  I also used the ink to do my framing around the main panel and the tag.   I also was inspired by the Watercolor

Tea in My Newest Mug

My friend Elizabeth has a linky party called T Stands for Tuesday where she and others share drink related posts and creations. Everyone has the coolest recipes, fun creations (you can share past creations as well), pictures of fun coffee shops, etc.  I have played once and have wanting to join in again so here I am.   Here is a new handmade pottery mug I bought at a local shop - I love it.  It has some Breakfast in Paris tea steeping in it waiting to for the pumpkin squares to cool.... HERE is a link to the pumpkin square recipe - I leave out the coconut milk and add in a bit more spices and one more egg.  Sharing a past journaling page with a drink as well from 2019 - sitting on my daughter's porch looking over the water thinking about Heaven and how beautiful it will be.  So glad I made it to T stands for Tuesday again!  Thanks for visiting! Hugz

Wonky Faces , Frogs, and Butterflies

I had some time this weekend to actually take an on-line art class - something I have been wanting to do for a long time.  I took Deb Weiers' Wonky Faces class.  I loved it!  These are my drawings after class 1 and 2 - I haven't finished my class 3 drawing - I went down a crazy train with it and need to figure how how to fix it.   I love how she distorts faces and puts so much expression in them.  This was a really fun adventure. I drew the man first using a Stabilo pencil activated with water.  When I was done, I realized he reminded me of a very evil man I know so I added in some words that fit him and the words poison mind on his face.  I also wrote in a Theodore Roosevelt quote.   The girl reminded me of a girl in a book I just finished.  She had been abused badly, but held on to God and hope and was able to have a decent life.  I added the word hope to her face and the words, "We are all a bit bruised inside" to the side.  I used the Stabilo pencil on her too but

Friends Add Magic to Life

Hello Crafty Friends, Continuing in my The Past is a Dangerous Muse I am sharing an Art Journal Page which was inspired by this month's * *ART*JOURNAL*JOURNEY* and Mike Deakin's Facebook Mission Inspiration  Group Theme which is all about Magic (with color and detail requirements as well).   Chris and Erika and the AJJ team proposed a theme in remembrance of once of our beloved AJJ family members, Eileen Bergen. Eileen battled many health issues and lost her battle recently.  She was a talented and sweet lady.  I feel like this is wonderful theme.  I "met" Eileen through AJJ and I was always inspired by her work - being new to art journaling, I study a lot of what people do trying to learn and she ALWAYS included a lot of details in how she made things and showed pictures of all her steps. One of my favorite posts was a recent one that I encourage you to check out HERE . Her pages are gorgeous and when your re-read her words and know what happened to