Friday, January 4, 2013

My Poor Sick Computer

Wondering where I have been? I am still at the kitchen counter, but I am having some computer problems. My computer is very ill and its doctor has been on vacation up North. On top of that, we are on a special project at work so I have very little free time to try and get on friend's computers or log on at work. As a result, I am taking a little break. I am hoping everything will work out and I will be back on-line in a week. I can't wait to check out what you all have been doing. I have a zillion ideas in my head to try when I get some time - I have actually been writing them all down in a notebook I have been carrying around in my purse.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. At the Williams' house we had lots of time with family and friends (when I wasn't working) so it was really special. We got promising news from the doctor on my Mother's cancer treatment - keep her in your prayers.

Hugz to all!!! Miss ya!


  1. You have been missed, Nancy. Can't wait to see all the new ideas running around in your head. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Mom. Keep us updated, please. Happy New Year

  2. You have been missed, my friend. I have been away most of December so it was good to get back to crafting. I am sooooooo happy to hear your Mom got good news from the doctor on her treatment. That had to make Christmas very special.

    Looking forward to you returning and seeing your fab projects. Have a good weekend.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your sick computer, Nancy. I hope you had a terrific Christmas, and I wish you a happy new year. Good luck with the computer!

  4. Glad to hear all is well with you, but sad to hear about your mom. Will keep all of you in my prayers. Hope you get your computer fixed soon. Good news about your daughter going to UAB too :-)

  5. Hoping things get fixed quickly so we can see more of your wonderful creations again :) Trusting you had a blessed Christmas and wishing you a fabulous 2013.

  6. I hope your computer issues are fixed soon.

  7. Hi Nancy, Hope you get your pc fixed soon we miss you, Happy New year and good News about your Mum, I will be keeping her in my prayers.
    Kevin xx

  8. It sure does throw kinks in things when a computer goes on the fritz, doesn't it? Hope your little fella feels better soon!

    Happy New Year, Nancy!

  9. Nancy, sorry you are having problems with your computer, glad that the news about your Mom is good. Enjoy a little rest, will be waiting to see what those ideas running around your head become on paper!!


  10. I liked the new and wonderful look and feel of your blog..I am just waiting fior the time when virun will start running for their life,good that you got a much needed break(but not from your strenuous and involving office work), this has helped you to collect those ideas in a purse..can't wait to see them in terms of blog entry/ will fun.. God bless your mom always!

  11. Nancy, Glad to hear about your Mom! And I'm sure your computer issues will be resolved soon. I know for me sometime life throws me a curveball that forces me to take some kind of break, only later to find out the break wasn't such a bad thing. I do miss you though :)!

  12. Just to let you know I am thinking about you and wondering where you have been. I am just overjoyed about the promising news about your Mom! I will definitely keep her in my prayers. I have my two Johnny's looking at me right now-they make me smile just thinking of you. Don't work to hard. Remember to put a little joy in your heart everyday. Here's to hoping your computer gets fixed soon. Sending a big hug.
    Bear Hugs,]