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A Little Dash of......

Hello friends,

I bought a Dash last week from Amazon.

My daughter had purchased one previously when we did a chicken and waffles charcuterie board.  I wasn't impressed.  Then I saw a bunch of recipes on TikTok and thought it might be worth the $9.99.  

I have to tell you, I am totally addicted to this little thing and I am thinking of buying this one next:

It is $17.99 but so very cute!  I have used my aqua Dash every day since I got it and this is what I have made:

* Turkey meatloaf waffles with turnip green jambalaya (mixed up ground turkey meat with an egg, onions, bell pepper, garlic, cracker crumbs, salt, pepper, tajin,  and a bit of tomato paste and rolled into balls which I smashed with the dash lid - then I mixed up turnip greens, chopped and diced turkey sausage, canned chicken, chili beans, tobasco and califlower rice with salt, pepper and tajin seasoning).  

*blueberry biscuits with Jimmy Dean maple sausage - Grands Biscuit tore in half, rolled into a ball and smashed with the Dash lid, cooked for 1 minute then added blueberries and closed the lid.  Repeated with the other half of the biscuit, then made the sausage patty in the dash too.

*Peanut butter waffles topped with jelly.

*Buttered Nutri-grain Bars heated in the Dash and smashed - wow was that good.

*Blueberry waffles.

*One eyed egg - toast with crust cut off, circle hole in middle then egg put in and topped with cheese.

*Waffle breakfast sandwich - made two waffles, then did an egg with green bell pepper and topped with cheese.

*Biscuit breakfast sandwich - biscuit  done in two sections in the Dash, hashbrowns in the Dash, egg in the Dash.

*Grilled french fries - took frozen french fries, some bacon, and some cheese and smashed it all together - topped with sour cream and chives.

Yes, I gained 3 lbs from the carbs and calories but it was all so fun.  

I have a few pictures here on this fun journal page made using the new Eat, Play, Love papers, stamps and embellishments I recently purchased.  You can see the peanut butter and jelly waffle on the top left and the turkey meat loaf and turnip green jambalaya on the top right.  The bottom right is some air fryer deer cubed steaks stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos.  

On the bottom right you can see my cup of courage full of  Teavana Earl Grey Creme tea - one of my new favorites.  Since I included the drink, I am linking up to T is for Tuesday at Elizabeth's (it is her Bearthday - so you might want to drop by and wish her well).  T is for too many calories for sure!!!  Also linking to **Art*Journal*Journey where the theme is "Inspired by" - I was inspired by my new Dash and my new papers and stamps. 

Isn't that cooking gnome cute?  I water-colored her.  There are two other gnomes in the set - I used one on this card. 

He was water-colored as well.  All my supplies are Close to My Heart.  

I also made a journal page for Mike Deakin's Mission Inspiration mini-challenge - the theme is window.  One of the suggestions is to do something from one of your windows.  I took it literally.  This is the scene from my craft room window (actually the picture was taken from outside and to the left as I could not get a good picture from inside.  I know the real trees are not blue - hubby was appalled at my color choices but I was too lazy to go get some additional colors out and this is my journal where nothing has to be perfect or the right color.  The side was bare so I wrote window terms on it - who knew there were so many!  
Another card to share as well.  This is made with the new Fishing Silhouette image from DRS Designs.  I love it.  The blue sponging ended up being a bit dark but what real fisherman wouldn't think an early morning fishing time isn't the start to a picture perfect day?

I got my second CVAX shot yesterday.  So far so good with only a little soreness to my arm.  

Hope you are doing well as you visit here today.  I so appreciate it!




  1. That little dash does look fun, and wow. I only think of waffles with fruit or maple syrup but you can do a lot, can't you? I bet the heart one makes really pretty waffles. And I love those kitchen gnomes. What a fun couple of stamps. I love the journal page, well both pages. The view out your window doesn't look too different from mine. Thanks for linking the chef gnome page up to AJJ. I am going to try to finish my yard work today, but boy, some art is calling me. But if I can get this one big project done, then I will have lots more art time. The choice is such a tough one. Have a great T day. hugs-Erika

  2. Wow, that little dash is so versatile and all the recipes sounds so good - yum! The heart one is so sweet, I can see why it's on your wish list 😁. Loving your journal pages and cards - so beautiful and those gnomes are such fun! Wishing you a very Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  3. I've never heard of a Dash, but it sounds like it offers a lot of options. Happy T Tuesday!

  4. I have never heard of a "Dash," but it looks like you are having a lot of fun with it. And I am loving your journal page to document all the new foods you have been making.
    Lovely journal page and cards that you made. And such a fabulous painting on that journal page.
    I haven't tried that Earl Grey by Tevana but I am thinking I will have to give it a try.
    Happy Tea Day,
    Happy Tea Day,

  5. Fabulous art and lovely food - what could be better? I have a waffle maker but have not tried so many different recipes. Happy T Day, have a great week, Valerie

  6. I have a (boring) waffle maker since a couple of weeks and wanted to make hearty pizza waffles today - not kidding (have still too much left overs so that has to wait). Oh, the second one is cute!
    Love your art, too, happy T-day!

  7. I have my grandmother's old waffle maker, but it would never make all those incredible things. And clean up would be a disaster. I really LIKE that Dash and for the price, you can't beat it. You would make a great enabling salesperson, Nancy.

    Your cards are wonderful. Those gnomes are adorable, and the male inspired fishing card is beautiful. You make great cards, even from your craft room window (grin).

    Your journal page is adorable. Yes, I saw the teavana tea. I also saw the adorable gnome and the various items you used to make this adorable journal page. Thank you for sharing a double duty page with us at Art Journal Journey honoring Eileen's theme and sharing a bit of joy with us for T this Tuesday. Thank you, dear Nancy and thanks for my birthday wishes, too.

  8. Wonderful cards especially the little chefs. I’ll have to check out that Dash. Sounds intriguing. The heart shaped waffle is so very cute. Happy T Day

  9. I've never heard of Dash before and now I'm totally intrigued :)
    Fun journal page and love your card ♥

  10. Hi Nancy, I’ve never seen a Dash before, our son has a waffle maker and makes them for breakfast but cheats and uses Aunt Bessie mix, he’s no cook! I love all the different mixes you’ve tried, reminds me when we first had a microwave and cooked everything to see what happened, solid sausages, ha,ha,
    Your artwork is lovely, I do like the cute gnome and your card too, a lovely scene, very tranquil.
    Happy belated T Day, we were buys cleaned the mess from the storm again yesterday
    Jan x

  11. That looks like a neat and fun little gadget. I'd not heard of it, although we have those little ones for sale on Amazon Espana. I had never thought of making anything savoury in my waffle machine (I do have one, but not as tiny as yours). So thank you for all those yummy recipe suggestions. I know I'm gonna have fun with those.
    I love your 'out of the window' journal page and the Mark Knopfler quote. The 'Gone fishing' card is perfect.
    Happy T-Day (belated),

  12. Great journal page, scrap layout and card. I am a scrapbooker and card maker, and junk journaler! LOL Anything, paper, I guess. Thanks for sharing. Oh, someone once gifted me some Teavana Earl Grey Creme tea, but I don't know where they got it. Would love some again. I will google it. LOL Have a great week. See you next T Day.

  13. Wow what a cute little kitchen waffle maker. I have never heard of it. We had waffles for dinner tonight. Lovely art too.


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