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Language Plays, Billiard Balls, and Some "Interesting" Wine

 I always look forward to the new **Art*Journal*Journey* Theme each month. The May theme was chosen by Elle and she chose Language as the theme. So many cool things you can do with that theme.  This weekend I chose to do the Language(s) of God in my Journaling Bible.  When I started, I was going to do Fasting as a way of speaking to God but after listening to a Sermon on Fasting, I realized that was more complicated and I would have to study it more first. So I switched gears midstream and just did some of ways that God speaks to us and vice versa.  There are many more, but I put the ones I could think of quickly here.  

The papers are from an old hymnal and Close to My Heart (CTMH).  The gnome is CTMH as well.  Now I have played with all the gnomes in the set,and I totally love them.

While looking for the hymnal paper, I ran across an old song book that I was saving.  It was damaged so I knew it would have to be recycled into something.  I think it is from the 30s or 40s.  My husband and I had a junk booth for several years, and I had a bunch of these old song books I had purchased at a garage sale.  I sold tons of them, but a few of the more distressed ones had to be saved for projects. 

Eyes speak their own language.  I looked it up and there is a ton of studies and information on what you can tell about a person by their eyes.  For instance:

Looking to Left

Looking to the left and down while talking signifies that the speaker is  recollecting facts. Looking at left and straight means the speaker is having a self-conversation before re-engaging in a debate or conversation.

There is so much more information like that - I book-marked a bunch of the information to go back and study later.  Here is my page with this fab song book page. 

She seemed so lonely, Iso I added in a Paper Doll from Tim.  This one has some very strange eyes. My daughter said he is looking cross-eyed.  So my story is that he hates posing for pictures and is a super fun guy so he looked cross-eyed for the picture.  They are incredibly happy together because that is my wish for everyone.  

I did another billiards card - these new DRS Designs billiards images are so fun!

It's Tuesday and I can't miss hanging out with Elizabeth and the very fun and interesting T is for Tuesday gang.  

Hubby and I had our anniversary this week.  Fourteen years.  When he was going to the grocery for potatoes and milk to make our anniversary dinner, I told him to get some really interesting wine.  He rolled his eyes as he hates wine and having to pick an "interesting" wine is probably pure torture. for him (seriously - you should have seen his panicked face - lol).   I figured I would either get no wine, the least interesting wine in the store, or something very strange.  He actually did get an interesting wine.  It was way too sweet for me, but I was proud of him for trying. I even pulled out one of my old wine glasses from back when I thought it was important to drink from very cool wine glasses (at least 20 years ago - now it is whatever glass I can find - lol).  

I had to add a bit of cheese to counteract the sweetness, but I raised a glass to 14 happy years and hoping for many more.  

Hope you are having a lovely T Day!  

Thanks for visiting!



  1. Gorgeous post Nancy! Love the Bible journaling and the 'eyes' page, great idea. Eyes convey so much. The card with the geometric shapes is also lovely. Had to laugh at your story about your husband! But he did bring you some wine, and that glass is very striking. For me the drink itself is always more important than the glass or cup! Happy T Day, have a good and safe week, hugs, Valerie Oh yes, and thanks for joining us at AJJ!

  2. Hi Nancy, congratulations on your anniversary, I love your wine glass, I have some expensive glasses and my DIL laughs at me as I don’t like to use them in case I break one, sad I know!!
    You’ve made some great artwork and card, I think now we have to wear masks the eyes are very important, I try to make my eyes smile when I say thank you now they can’t see my mouth, I hate it when people don’t make eye contact, it seems they are being shifty.
    Have a Haapt T Day
    Jan x

  3. Happy belated anniversary Nancy. I do like that wine glass. I don't think my hubby would even get wine. He would conveniently forget it. And wow, so much wonderful art today. I am happy to see the gnome is back in your journal page. And nice song page too. I like how you included the music in your background. Thanks so much for joining us at AJJ and also at Try It on Tuesday. Those billiard balls on your card are great too. How fun. I haven't played pool in a very very long time, and even though I am so bad at it, it was always fun to play. Hope you are having a great start to the new month and happy T day too. Hugs-Erika

  4. Interesting approach to languages and I sure would not have expected DNA there.
    Oh, yes. With the masks we can only see if someone smiles or is angry by the eyes. Interesting facts. And also great page. And a good wish, too!

    Oh, happy (belated) anniversary!
    And more torture, just the other way round, LOL!
    Wow that is some glass!
    Happy T-Day!

  5. I'm especially taken by that birthday card. Happy belated anniversary! That wine glass would make any wine interesting. Cool! Happy T Tuesday :)

  6. Happy anniversary! Good for hubby for bringing back some wine. I love your wine glass too. The birthday card is so cool. Have a nice day.

  7. Happy 14th anniversary, Nancy. I hope it was special. I love that bible page and that gnome is the cutest little chef. So adorable. Your eyes page is brilliant. You are a true romantic and it shows when you believe the two are happy together. Thank you for sharing this incredible journal page with us at Art Journal Journey.

    That wine would sound good to me. I like dessert wine, but most wines taste like vinegar to me. Too bad you didn't enjoy it as much as you would have liked, but that cheese made up for it, I'm sure. And that wine glass is unbelievable. I've never seen another even similar. Thanks for sharing your card, your journal pages, and your wine with us for T this Tuesday, dear.

  8. What a brilliant post, you did inspire me to get on with attempting some more Bible Journaling but this is beyond beautiful! I love how that little gnome got there! Your eyes page is fabulous and yes the eyes can say so much. I'm not a great wine drinker - I used to love Rosé but haven't had any for years. I do remember having a very sweet wine once - not a pleasant experience but did say unusual!! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing this at Art Journal Journey and Happy T Day too, Chrisx

  9. Happy Anniversary wishes to you both! Loving your pages and card too, the vintage images and paper doll look so beautiful together 😀. That wine glass is amazing too, such a fabulous design. Take care and Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  10. Love your glass, it certainly is unusual. Something I would have in my house. Love your journaling pages.
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Tea Day,

  11. Happy Anniversary, Nancy! I love your eyes project and your story about it. Lovely card, too. I have to say, you must have started coming to the tea parties while I missed several weeks, because you are here now! It is so nice to see you here every week. Happy T Day!

  12. Happy Anniversary to the the both of you and many more to come ♥ I know what you mean sending hubby to buy the wine :)
    Fun bible journal page such a cool layout and love your eyes page.

  13. Two super journal pages Nancy, such an interesting topic. The billiard card is fabulous, we used to enjoy a game of billiards when we went to one of our local country pubs, perhaps we will do it again soon - fingers crossed.
    Wow! That is an interesting wine glass, I hope you enjoyed your anniversary.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  14. A wonderful bible AJ page Nancy, very interesting. I love your 'eyes' page too, and that's a great card!
    A happy anniversary to you both, it's our 30th next week. You've got some catching up to do ;-)
    Fabulous wine glass too.
    Hugs and wishes,
    Alison xx

  15. What a lovely journal page! And an interesting topic: the language of God. Food for thought and meditation.
    A belated happy anniversary. I smiled at hubby's wine panic. But, bless him, he did come back with an interesting bottle of wine. I love that glass. That is even more interesting than the bottle.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  16. Fun post and wonderful interpretation of the topic. Happy Anniversary! 🥂 Had to laugh at the mission you gave your husband. Very cool wine glass. Happy T Day

  17. a wonderful post Nancy. A happy belated T day and anniversary!! Congrats on your 14 years, a a nod to hubby for bringing a bottle of wine! (such a special glass to have it in too). My hubby does like wine but he won't attempt to buy it- always leaving it up to me;)
    Love your journal pages- such a sweet gnome on the first page, and I love the one about the language of eyes. perfect touch adding the TH Paper Doll.
    Love the billiard card- great composition.

  18. Oh I Love all the spreads and that goblet, divine! I have a thing for goblets :D

  19. Happy belated anniversary to you and your DH. I loved the story about the wine. Your wine goblet is very cool. I love your language page in your journal and your eyes page is very cool. A lady gave me a bag full of song books that belonged to her MIL and she was going to throw away. I don’t think I will use them in my lifetime lol. I love looking at eyes and they are the first thing I notice when meeting a person. DH looks at teeth lol. You know I already love your billiard card. Great blog my friend. Hugs and’s to a cheeky little wine. Jx

  20. Happy belated anniversary to you and your DH. I loved the story about the wine. Your wine goblet is very cool. I love your language page in your journal and your eyes page is very cool. A lady gave me a bag full of song books that belonged to her MIL and she was going to throw away. I don’t think I will use them in my lifetime lol. I love looking at eyes and they are the first thing I notice when meeting a person. DH looks at teeth lol. You know I already love your billiard card. Great blog my friend. Hugs and’s to a cheeky little wine. Jx

  21. Wonderful pages, and happy (belated) anniversary. Really great takes on the challenge and I also love your interesting wine glass, how unusual! Thanks for joining me for the Language theme at Art Journal Journey this month Elle xx

  22. A little late but belated anniversary wishes from me. You have the most unusual glasses, I love this face one. I am sure I would enjoy any wine from that glass but hubbie did good - he braved it and chose something.
    Lovely card, billiards again - and your journal pages, though vastly different, are great.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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