Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Card For Samir

This is for my friend Samir. Samir was a consultant on an ERP implementation we had at work. Anyone who knows me very well, knows that I am not a big fan of consultants after several giant consultant snafaws at a previous job (hey, I use to be one even. Luckily, Samir and his co-workers restored my faith in consultants. They were (and are) so helpful and so smart - especially Samir. Over a course of the last 10 months, Samir and I became very good friends - forever friends. We think a lot a like (although he thinks like 20 planes above me in most things) about the important things in life. It is really strange because we are also so different. I grew up in the lazy world of America, and he grew up in India where great effort is put into even the smallest of things. He studies and reads and stays up all night pondering important issues and working and growing his mind, and I go to bed faithfully at 8:30 and grow in size only (LOL). Even with all our differences, we became fast friends. We have the best discussions about complex life issues (i.e. the importance of life). Samir has been away from his wife and family for a long time (somewhere around 2 years). He was hoping to make it home for the last year, but it didn't work out until now. We have both been praying with all Samir's family and friends that it would all work out. Now, in the last few weeks, he found a way home with a new job. He won't be one of our consultants any more, but I can't be sad as I know he will home where he has been trying to get to for so long. Reminds me of that scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy wants to go home so bad and finds out all she had to do was click those ruby red shoes. I can just imagine the joy on his face (and all their faces) when they see him!!!

Over time, Samir has actually become interested in looking at my cards. He even comments on this blog and has picked up some comment lingo - now that is a true friend!!!!

Now about my card. One day, Samir ended an email to me with the wish that God would bless me from all four directions. I told him that I wished God would bless him from all the other directions too - up, down, sideways, backwards, etc. I told him I was going to make a card based on his wish for me. So here it is. I mailed it to him in Atlanta last week, but he still hasn't received it and he is going back to India soon. I am posting it now so he can see it in case it doesn't get to him before he has to leave.

Happy travels Samir!


  1. What an amazing storing Nancy. Hooray for Samir for being able to finally go home to the love of his family and friends in India. But with our technology today he will never be more than a mouse click away to keep in touch with you. Your card is awesome. I can't believe you sent it last week and it hasn't reached Atlanta yet. Makes me think you didn't get my card or the one I sent your MIL!!! But we had that really bad weather last week. I hope Samir gets it soon.

    Bear Hugs,
    P.S. Did you get my email yesterday?

  2. What a heart warming story, Nancy :) I am jaded by consultants - not once but twice ina company I used to work for costing millions...oh my! A make work project to some degree and when they left all they had been working on never got used or cost a fortune to upkeep... Glad there are some out there who can make a difference.

    Bless you for befriending him and being part of his support system while he is away from home. I'm sure he holds you near and dear to his heart and won't forget you. Perfect card for him and I'm sure he will smile when he gets it :)

  3. what shall I write my friend.. I am speechless.. I cried looking at it...thank you very much Nancy for this beautiful extraordinary card.. its wonderful.. i took a color printout of this now, incase I dont get the physical will be with me forever..its full of love....I love it..

    very very sorry in responding to this so late..shame on me..

    you wrote so many good things about me.. many of the things I know I dont deserve..
    but you are my friend and you wrote out of love..

    I was very lucky to meet you.. extremely surprised to see that, you are not only 'extremely brilliant and super intelligent' at work related things.. but also you are equally good at heart.. and that expresses through your marvellous artistic creations.. a rare unique combination of 'best at heart and brain'..I am blessed to have you as my friend...

    only one thing I would disagree. is 'thinks like 20 planes above me'.. this is not at all correct my friend.. you are super intelligent.. I realized it day in out.. infact I told it to some senior managers today at corporate office...

    I wont forget all the love, support and kindness you have shown to me.. yes you are a 'forever friend'..

    Thank you Carol and Marisa for your kind words.. God bless you all!!!

    I am now counting my days to meet my family..

    your friend - samir

  4. This is a beautiful card and a beautiful post. I came to thank you for the kind words you left on my blog, but I had to read your story and I'm glad I did - I needed a reason to smile this morning. There is nothing like a true friend. Sending you a hug. xo

  5. What a friendship! I have loved reading this post, Nancy. I am so happy for Samir to get to go home to his family because I just can't imagine how hard it would be to not see your family for that length of time. I know you will miss Samir terribly but I also know you are extremely happy for him. I hope he receives the card because it is just perfect. Oh, I could just cry because I'm so happy for him.

  6. Nancy, I SO enjoyed reading about Samir! He sounds like a wonderful human being, and a kind, terrific friend.

    Bless your heart for making this extra personal, extra special card for him. And bless YOU, Samir, in your travels!

  7. What a great story to read and how sweet that Samir takes an interest in your cards and blog. I wish him and his family all the happiness they deserve. This whole story is so sweet.

  8. What a beautiful story of your friendship with Samir. He sounds like a very wonderful person. It is so sweet that he follows your blog and comments. I wish him the very best and so happy for him to be able to go home. Your card is so perfect for him with his own sentiment. I love the colors you used. You are such a sweet person and I know that Samir is going to miss you, friend.

  9. Thank you very much Benzi, Jenn,Colleen, Felicity,wannabcre8tive, Carol and Marisaa -- for your kind words and wishes...God bless you all...!!!
    yes I shall miss my good friend Nancy very much..


  10. I just loved reading your post about your friend Samir, Nancy!! Heartwarming and touching. He sounds like a gem! So glad to hear that he can finally return to his family. Kudos to you for keeping him company until he could find his way home again. I'm sure you to will be keeping in touch!! your card for him is absolutely perfect. :)