Friday, June 7, 2019

Devotional Journal Journey - 100 days of Less Hustle, More Jesus

I embarked on a new journey this week when I started a Devotional Journal called 100 Days of Less Hustle, More Jesus by Shannon Noel (currently $15.29 with Prime on Amazon).  Shannon is the creator of Illustrated Faith so you know the accents and concepts are solid.

This devotional/journal is designed help us slow down, reduce a bit of stress and anxiety, and, in Amazon's words: "understand and relate to God's promises in a way you never have before. These biblical truths will come to life through color and illustration and will inspire your own creativity and your personal walk with God as you fall in love with your bible all over again."

Each day has the devotion, some fun accents, and a space you to journal, draw, paint, stamp, etc.  I have decided that I will sketch and journal and even add some highlights from each day on my pages.  I may add some receipts, ticket stubbs or pictures along the way, but right now it is just me and my pens and pencils.  

I thought I would share a few of the pages I completed this week:

Day 1 was about resting more and especially resting in God.  Women are especially guilty of not taking the time to slow down and realize we shouldn't try or be expected to go, go, go and do, do, do all the time.  We need to take the time to stop and relax and dwell with God. When people ask me what my spirit animal is, I say a Panda since I am fluffy, chubby and sleepy - lol.  I was inspired by a picture taken at a zoo.   
Day 2 was about taking care of ourselves and relaxing.  We need to take some breaths and realize God is there with us and wants us to take care of ourselves.  I drew this picture - it is how in envision my daughter at her new lake house (she moves in sometime in the next few weeks - I am going to miss her and her sweet family immensely).
Day 5 focuses on how we are uniquely created and how we should not be trying to keep up with everyone else.  We need to stop running and turn our hearts toward God.  
Day 7 (today) is centered around making sure to enjoy things along the way in life.  We hurry places and forget to stop, see things along the way, and cherish the beauty of others, flowers, the landscape, the sky, etc.

I am enjoying this book and highly recommend it. 


  1. Nancy, everyone needs some down time and looks like you found a great way to ponder :)

  2. Hi, Nancy!
    I was so happy to jump high when I saw your comment on my blog. Actually I didn't know how to find your blog and now I did!
    I love your Bible journal bibling that has great arts and I love how you share interpretation with us. Such glorious opoortunities to read. Thanks again for finding me. Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Fabulous pages Nancy, I hope your journal helps you to slow down and relax.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  4. This is so beautifully done and the words are so calming. Your sketches are so so so cute. I love Pandas and when we went to a panda shelter in Gold Coast, Brisbane, we learned that Pandas sleep up to 20 hours of the day because they don't get enough nutrition from the eucalyptus leaves they live on. It left me thinking... and my heart went out to these cute creatures.I I love the saying, 'Take time to smell the flowers'.