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Prattville, Poppies, Pizza, Peaches, and a Ghost?

I dare you to say my title fast three times - definitely a tongue twister.

My husband encouraged me to get out this weekend and not to do any work - it cost him big as I bought a new car - lol!  

Saturday, I went out with my Sister, Sharon, and our friend Michele.  We saw all kinds of cool things that tourists visit in our local area.  I will share those pictures in another post because I want to spend some time getting some details together on the sites so I can get my facts straight.

Sunday, my hubby drove me out to Jackson Lake. This is where the movie The Big Fish was filmed.  It is a gorgeous place built on an island in the middle of a private lake/offshoot of the Alabama River.  Here is the facbook site link if you are interested in reading more about it JACKSON LAKE.  The town set they built for the movie is still there and is a big attraction.  You can walk down the street and throw an old pair of shoes over the line just like they had in the movie.  A recent tornado took out several of the houses and did some damage, but they cleared it up really nicely and it is still very cool.  Some say the site/island is haunted and I agree - I will tell you my story in a minute. This is a pretty view of the island while going over the "bridge."

This is the famous entrance to the town from the movie. The twisted trees are made out of concrete and are very cool! This is from the directon of leaving town.
This is the view you have from the trees - the town sign.
Here is the latest shoe string picture.  While we were there several people came and threw their shoes on.  They must remove the shoes weekly because it would be overwhelming if they didn't. 
Here is the street scene - you can see where some of the buildings are missing now. 
This is the coolest house - you can see the deterioration.  Looks like they were just all made out of plywood. 
Another house.
The mayor's house. 
The old church.
I enjoyed visiting.  I loved that movie and can't believe I never knew this place existed and that you could visit the whole private area all day (including fishing and picnics) for only $5.  Beautiful walking area and tons of goats and beautiful sites.  

Now, they say the little island is haunted and you know I love a good ghost story.  I didn't see any ghosts or have any erie feelings except that hubby got too close to the edge of the road and that made me nervous.  When I got home to download my pictures, I had 269 pictures and I knew I had only taken about 20.  This is what 249 of the pictures looked like:

Wow.  I have no idea what this is, but you know they say ghosts manifest as orbs in pictures. Also why would there be 249 pictures of this?  Very strange and kind of cool.  

Since yesterday was Memorial Day in the U.S. I wanted to share what a local town did in honor of our fallen soldiers.  Each hear they do poppies in the spillway near the old mill (by the way it is haunted and has been on several of the paranormal TV shows).  The poppies are made by a local potter and all gorgeous.  I am going to her shop to buy some of them as they are truly gorgeous and such a site to see with so many of them in the fields around the mill.  
They put up the story too. 

The poppies are all up the hill too.  
Here is one of the rememberance flags of local fallen soldiers. They have these all over downtown and they are all hanging from these beautiful sign posts the town put up years ago.  This is the last one as you are leaving town.

I am linking up to Elizabeth's T is for Tuesday Linky party - one of the highlights of my week!  So of course, I must share one of my recent drinks.  This was from Saturday - Judge Roy Bean Stout from the Fairhope Brewing Company - on draft at a local pizza place.  YUM!
Here is our pizza choices.
Sorry for the direction of this picture - I am posting this fast so I can go get ready for work.  I had the bacon and brocolli, Michele had onion, extra cheese, pepperoni and bacon, and Sharon had pepperoni and Italian sausage.  We then drove 40 miles to have some of the first fresh fried peach pies at Peach Park in Clanton, Alabama (right of I65).  It is a tradition!

They are giant!  I ate the whole thing too - must have been 3,000 calories but I could not stop! The dough was perfect and the peaches were so flavorful.  The line was out the door and you would never have know there was any type of pandemic!  Everyone wanted peach pies, peach cobbler, peach bread, and homemade peach ice cream. It was fabulous and worth the drive.  

I know this is a different post for me - no cards or journal pages, so thanks for staying with me this long!




  1. What a totally cool and interesting place you visited, and even with ghosts, wow! Loved the photos. And your food looks so good, I would love to help at that peach pie! Happy T Day, have a great week and enjoy your new car! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I have never seen that movie, but so cool to visit the movie location. Wow about your ghost images! The poppies look beautiful, but also sad on the hill to know they represent a lost life. Looks like you had a fun outing and yummy food especially the peach pie! Happy T Day

  3. I am not familiar with the movie-but I really enjoyed your post very much-and wow that was allot of ghost images.
    I love the poppies, I did read a story about the poppies that took place in Europe and how special that this local town does such a special memorial-I really love those handmade poppies. Your food looks delicious too and homemade peach treats sounds perfect. Happy T wishes Kathy

  4. I am adding this to my road trip ideas! Love those poppies I would buy some too.
    Flanders Fields - written by a Canadian!

  5. I love that movie Big Fish. How cool to visit where they filmed it.And those are interesting photos. It looks like a fun day out. And a new car too. That is exciting. I hope you could get what you wanted (because sometimes the choices are way out of the budget for sure). And those poppies are amazing. The field looks beautiful.You look like you had a super weekend Nancy with good times and yummy food. Have a great T day and thanks for sharing this fun post!

  6. Wow! Peach pie! That sounds wonderful. Our peaches won't be ripe for months.

    best...mae at

  7. I like that movie but didn't realize you could visit the set. Cool! Your bacon/broccoli pizza would've been my choice, too, though I wouldn't turn down the others. It all looks tasty :) I feel like I've been on an outing. Thanks!

    Happy T Tuesday!

  8. Fabulous post! I loved visiting with you, all the views and scenery you captured on your photos look so beautiful - amazing 😁. The beer and pizza is just my thing too - so delicious! Happy June and T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  9. Hi Nancy, that’s such an interesting place, a bit scary having all those strange photos! The peach pie sounds delicious too. In London in 2019 at the Tower of London they had thousands of ceramic poppies for Remembrance Day, you can google it, it look amazing.
    Have a Happy T Day
    Jan x

  10. What a great place to visit, roam around and do a little ghost hunting too. It looks like the ghosts hunted and found you! That had to be a bit of a creepy feeling discovering those photos. WOW, look at all the poppies representing the fallen. Impressive.

  11. I have never heard of that movie, but I am truly impressed with the village and your ghostly photos, too. Too bad they have let the village get so deteriorated, but it was fun taking the trip with you and your husband.

    Your peach cobbler sounds wonderful. You hit all the right places with your friends. Of course, I had to save the best for last. I'm sure you've read I am not a fan of alcohol and I especially am not a fan of beer, EXCEPT stout. That I would never, ever turn down. You made me smile because most don't care for its dark, smokey taste. To have it go with pizza sounds fabulous, too.

    Those poppies are simply stunning. I am SO impressed with how they were on the hill, too. Back in 2018, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ending of WWI, England put thousands and thousands (maybe even millions) of ceramic poppies all over the country. Many covered the Tower of London. Each had a number on it, and after the event, you could purchase one of theirs, too. Yes, only one company was awarded the honor of creating them. If I recall, they started a year before that, so there would be enough poppies for the event.

    Thanks for taking us on this adventure, first with your friends to have peach cobbler, then pizza and stout, as well as to Jackson Lake with your husband, and finally to see the wonderful poppies in the fields with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nancy.

  12. the poppy picture... my goodness... and most of these soldiers fought for the right to vote, and fought against fascism... thank you to all who came before me to make me safer
    now send me a peach pie right away

  13. I don't know that film but it must be so cool to visit the place where it was filmed. And you can recognize the houses etc. I must admit it looked a bit spooky. Is it a horror film? (I must look it up)
    Sounds like you had a fun outing with your friends. And then you mention in between things that you went and bought a new car! In my book buying a new car is a major event!
    Those poppies are amazing! Yes, it's so important to remember those who fought for our country.
    Happy T-Day,

  14. Hi Nancy! I thought you would show us a photo of your new car! LOL So, an interesting place you visited, but I never heard of the movie. I will have to research it. I know from your pages on SCS that you are interested in ghostly things. :) No interesting places around here like that. I always enjoyed your journal pages you posted. Happy week!

  15. Fischer´s Fritze fischte frische Fische, frische Fische fischte Fritzer´s Fischer (sorry, you made me!)

    And then you come up with the Big Fish, LOL! "My" tongue twister is about fisherman Fritze.

    I sadly haven´t seen the movie, but the idea of keeping the set is wonderful.

    Oh, I´d like to jump in that lake, haunted or not! That shoe tree! I think I need to see this movie! And I´d like to visit, oh, thank you for sharing all this!
    Crazy with your pics! Love this.

    Oh! I still have a pressie from a friend hanging here, poppy-seeds for the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps), poppies forever, even before I knew their meaning, were my favs and these you show, awwww! Sad but wonderful.
    Can you buy them?

    Beer and pizza, can it get any better?

    3,000 calories sure made me laugh!
    I once had a peach lying near my PC-mouse at work. My boss (and friend) wanted to present our project to a customer and was not used to two monitors. She was nervous. Grabbed the peach, I thought, "hungry NOW?!". She mistook it for the mouse and - oh, boy, when I wanted to help she told me off, trying to find the mouse pointer on any of the two monitors. Guess we burnt 3,000 calories laughing our heads off afterwards. (Yes, she could laugh about herself).

    Hugs and thank you for the creeps and laughs!

  16. Loved reading about your weekend Nancy even though I knew you had gone ghost hunting lol. Wow that photo is cool and weird it popped up on your camera. Great photos of the town and interesting. I’ve never heard of the movie. I love the poppies and some of our towns and parks do that here for Anzac Day. We visited the battlefields in Belgium and France a few years ago and saw where the Dr who wrote In Flanders Fields worked. A very peaceful area now but such sad stories. Glad you had fun with your sister and friend. Now tell us more about this car lol. Hugs from Oz jx

  17. A fun post Nancy, the island looks lovey and you had a fabulous day weather wise. The poppies are beautiful, we did something similar here a few years ago in remembrance of our soldiers.
    The Pizza looks great and the pie sounds lovely - it would appear that you had a wonderful weekend, you certainly took lots of super photographs and ended up with some very strange extras!
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  18. wow this is a great post. Thanks for sharing it all.

  19. Wow, looks like a great place! The poppies look wonderful too. Peach pie sounds great - it would be too expensive here! A really, really belated Happy T day, Chrisx

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