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Flora-Bama Scavenger Hunt 2022

 Hello friends.

I haven't been posting because we have been traveling a lot lately for wresting tournaments and memory building with the Grandkids.  This last week, we went to Franklin, Tennessee for the 37th Annual Dickens of a Christmas Festival.  It was the best street festival I have ever been too - I am so going back next year if at all possible.  A few weeks ago, we went to a Wrestling Tournament in Orange Beach, Alabama.  The condo we stayed in was immediately next door to the Flora-Bama bar which is a very famous bar located in Florida and Alabama (right on the line).  My husband, one of my daughters, and my Son-in-law, decided to go over to the bar one night while the rest of us stayed in and watched Christmas movies.  We decided to send them a list of things to do while at the bar (a scavenger hunt).  They had to send us pictures after they completed each item and they needed to include them in the picture (or one of them).  We did this mainly to entertain us, but they had fun too.  Here is my SIL finding someone taller than him - this Santa was 6'8ish. 

This was a selfie outside with the sign. 
My daughter was wearing a GA shirt, so we told her to find two more SEC shirts for a photo.
This was the list (no getting two things done in one picture either)
*Something from the North
*Something Christmas-y
*Three SEC T-shirts
*My daughter wearing someone else's hat
*Something Tie-Dye
*A bartender friend
*Something Patriotic (they sent two of those)
*Skull and Crossbones
*A blue drink
*A new friend you actually know something about (i.e., really make a friend - they made many lol)
*A picture of my husband touching one of the bras hanging in the bra room
*My husband singing (video)
*Someone taller than my SIL and husband
*A picture with one of the bands 

My husband doesn't drink and he hasn't been to this bar in 30 years, but he had a blast.  They said he smiled and laughed the whole time. He actually did have a drink too. This makes my heart happy because he lives in a lot of pain and a night full of smiles is a rare thing. 

I have lots of drink pictures to qualify for Elizabeth's T-party - miss you all!

Here is one last picture - it was taken at the place we at breakfast before heading home.  I forgot how much I love Orange Beach.  Nothing like a good cup of coffee on the bay. 




  1. It sounds like you've been busy but having loads of fun Nancy. I love the idea of a bar in 2 states. I wonder who they pay taxes to? And a scavenger hunt is always fun. I hope you had a great T day and in case you aren't by again before Christmas, have a wonderful holiday season. hugs-Erika

  2. It's been ages since I was on a scavenger hunt!

    The festival in Franklin sounds like fun :) Happy T Day

    1. I'm not sure why that registered as anonymous... but it was from me -Divers and Sundry

  3. OMGosh what fun. Making memories is the best. Have a lovely day today.

  4. Sounds like you've been having heaps of fun, great! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Scavenger's hunts are always fun for the kids but I would rather be at home watching the Christmas movie!
    Happy Belated Tea Day,

  6. Well Nancy.. you can be absent from T as long as your having fun! I do apologize for being late to T .. but i have a doctors note!!! I swear not 5 minutes after i linked to T hubby walks in the door and says, ' We need to go to the hospital ', ... sigh.. He had tried to cut off his fingers with a power tool! So several hours, 12 stitches, and one broken finger later ... he's doing alright! Happy Belated T day! Hugs! deb

  7. Well you've made the best excuse ever not to be blogging my friend! There's nothing more important and spending time with precious people in your life! Enjoy all the moments and thanks for sharing your fun post my friend! Happy heart-warming Holidays!

  8. You don't have to tell me. I know I'm late visiting. And I even spent much of today on the phone sorting out different problems. Sadly, I don't have a note from my doctor (grin).

    It sounds like even though you are very busy, you took time to have fun, too. And of coourse, it appears everyone else did, too. Thanks for sharing this fun post that has a ton of drinks in every photo with us for T this week, dear Nancy.

  9. Fun pictures and such great memories!

  10. What a fun post, that sounds like you had a great time. Sorry for my lateness, have a sick kitty. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx


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