Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unopened Mail And My Grocery List

We arrived back from our Las Vegas trip last night so the only thing on my Kitchen Counter is unopened mail and my grocery list.  I have looked up the recipes for most the great food we ate (or wish we ate) in Las Vegas including Bacon Waffles and Chicken and Waffles - so my counter top should look awesome tomorrow (or as soon as I get a waffle maker).  We had lots of fun in Las Vegas but not as much as Crystal and Joey.  If we were still 21 we would have had a blast!  No luck with gambling - but I only gained 1 pound which is a miracle! 


  1. Ok, how come I can't be a follow. Do I need an invite...lol I love the name of your blog and the concept. I couldn't possible take pictures of my kitchen counter-the whole family dumps everything there. Right now my son is making a "Green Lantern" ring and it is fermenting in a mold on the kitchen counter, there's an empty Walmart bag and a paycheck with the amount of $406.72 from my sons job waiting to go to the bank with a pen right next to it from him signing the back....urgh....something else for me to pick up...lol

    Congratulations on your blog girlfriend. As soon as I can be a follower...I will.

  2. One pound???????? That is awesome. Welcome back home to your kitchen counter. I'm doing these comments in a backward order. Duh!

  3. Nancy!! Welcome to the blogging world!! I love the idea of your blog--and can't wait to read your other posts. I'm so happy to become a Follower. This will be fun!!