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A Bunch of CAS Cards and a Gift

This lovely beauty arrived in the mail this last week.  It is a kitchen towel and card made by Ann Merry.  Ann is so talented and I covet her kitchen towels.  She has sent me one every year for the last three years and I love every one of them!  Isn't the card cute too?  She is amazing!

I was talking on the phone with Sue Worthington (IrishGreenSue on SCS)  last night and I made a bunch of cards while I was talking to her.  I think we were on the phone an hour, but for some reason she inspired me.  My neck still hurts this morning!  Thanks for the Inspiration Sue!!!  Here are the cards I made yesterday (warning - there are a lot of them!). 

Here is another....

And another.....

And another....

And another....

And this one I made in the morning...

I actually made several more, but I am running out of time this morning - got to get ready for work.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I will be making cards can you believe it?




  1. You are giving that ornament punch a work out LOL! Great mix of cards using it! Think the first one is my favorite - loved the punched out image, the musical score and the darling bows you added.

  2. Aren't you a fortunate person to be receiving this pretty towel..and a pretty card, too? Very sweet person, I'd say.

    Your cards are super. I didn't see the gorgeous, purple one on SCS and I LOVE that color and it is so elegant and royal looking.

  3. Beautiful cards! And that towel is so nice, my sister does machine embroidery and makes lovely things. So many cards, I'm jealous....


  4. Wow, did you do all of these in an hour? They are all awesome and all have their own special appeal. You accomplished so much. Beautifully done. I love you towel too. So much pretty details on it. You can't beat a pumpkin and pumpkin pie image.

  5. I just love what you have done with the ornament dies. Going to use that idea in the future! Now I am inspired. (she types just before she rushes off to her studio) tfs!!!!!

  6. well, well, Nancy, just look where the muse took you and these lovely Christmas cards. Since purple is my very favorite color, I'd have to say it is my favorite, too.

    I had a peak at SARK's books over at the ' wonderfully inspiring...loved the titles. And definitely on my list to peruse at my favorite thrift...

  7. Ooooh these are GORGEOUS! I love your style...I'm a new follower and will be visiting you often. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog!

  8. Bless your heart for being able to talk on the phone and do something else at the same time! I have a feeble brain, unable to do that. And I definitely can't craft while drinking wine; I lose all focus and creativity!


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