Sunday, December 25, 2011

A card from Last Week!

This card was made for the Our Daily Bread Designs Challenge last week - I just didn't have time to load it. Last week was a blur! I worked late most days trying to finish up work before a deadline and tried to get some last minute shopping done. I can't wait until I can drive again!!!

I love to do the ODBD challenges - they seem to inspire me so easily. I love white with a touch of color (that was from the Twisted Sister Challenge last week - those girls are so fun).

The card did receive a tip of the hat in the challenge. Can't wait until next week's challenge.

Merry Christmas to all! In all this hustle and bustle - may you see the true gifts of Christmas: God's true and pure love for us all, the delight in a child's eye (even if the child is 60 years old), the warmth of a real hug, the touch of a friend (even if it is an on-line touch), the comfort of a warm hug and a wonderful meal, and the unseen richness of true freedom (of religion, of decision-making, of movement, from fear, etc).

Hugz to all!!!


  1. This is gorgeous! Christmas blessings to you and your family (((hugz)))

  2. Merry Christmas to you, my cyber friend for now! But one glorious day...

    Your card is wisdom for this day, this week, this year.

    May you find rest, Nancy in family, friends, and artful pursuits.

    Blessings in the coming new year.


  3. Merry Christmas from our house to yours. I am so glad that you and Crystal are still enjoying the Church card. You make me laugh girl-you "can" make cards just like me. I have the hydrangea card that you sent me for my birthday and that is exactly like the cards I make!!! Look at this card!!! WOW it is just gorgeous. I stopped in my tracks when I saw it posted on SCS. The flowers and embossing are just exquisite. Love the sentiment-so true.

    And another thing you are not a bad friend. Today I a feeling great-it was the shot I got on Tuesday to get rid of this. I think it was residual from when I was sick in Nov. I had to get an anti-biotic for a bacterial infection this time instead of viral.

    Enjoy your day with your family. Mine is fantastic. Waiting for Wesley and Jessica to come back from her parents house so we can all enjoy the Packer Game tonight.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas...the best in 2012! I'll be back after the 1st of the year to see what you've been up to!

  5. This is absolutely stunning. I love a card with the sentiment as the focal point, and the flowers and bee are wonderful. Happy New Year and best wishes for a happy healthy 2012.


  6. Nancy, I sure hope you had a wonderful Christmas (hope you're still enjoying the 'tree' card. Or, has Pamzi slipped in and taken it? Wouldn't surprise me. LOL Your card is such a beauty and I love your post...lovely reading. Hope you are having a wonderful New Year's Eve. Hubby and I are staying boring. We went out last night to a nice restaurant and should have waited. Oh, well.......
    Hugz my friend.

  7. Oh, Nancy, I LOVE this! ONe of of my faves of yours, that's for sure.

    Hope you had a chance to really enjoy your holidays. :)

  8. Gorgeous card. Love the tone on tone. Great sentiment and pretty flowers.