Friday, December 16, 2011

New Toys and Thoughts of Joy

I finally got the Cheery Lynn die that everyone has been using - I love the thin spirals and cute little leaves.  I couldn't wait to make a card with it when it came in the mail.  I ordered mine from Our Daily Bread Designs. 

This card is also made with a stamp set from Our Daily Bread that was a birthday present from my sweet friend Sue Worthington.  Sue went thorough my comments on various Our Daily Bread cards and tried to find the stamp set I wanted the most before she ordered it.  What a sweet friend!  This card was made using the sketch provided on the ODBD blog - it was the challenge for last week. 

I included this card in a Christmas package for my supervisor - she loves purple so we all got her lots of purple things.  Our Christmas party was last night after work.  Our supervisor cooked us all dinner, and it was so yummy.  We had all selected a name out of a box, and we exchanged gifts.  The group bought the best gifts, and it was so fun to watch everyone open their presents.  I love to watch people open presents when they get all excited and yell.  It usually happens with children, but last night I saw it in several people (of course they got some really cool shoes and a purse).  I started thinking about that joy.  I think it is the kind of joy that the Lord wishes He saw in us when we praise Him and thank Him.  He hates lukewarm attitudes and believers - He says that in scripture.  I heard the word "joy" several times yesterday so I am thinking that there was a message being sent to me.  I think I need to be letting my Joy out more! 

Hugz and hope your weekend is really special.  I will be baking dozens of cookies so if you are anywhere around on Sunday, stop by!

P.S. Added 12-19-11 - this card was selected for the Shining Light Award - isn't that wonderful?  I am so proud!!!  Hope you all have something fun happen to you today too!


  1. This is GORGEOUS! Love the flowers and that vine die is on my hit list too :) Lovely colour combo and you have used that skewed panel to perfection! I made a "JOY" project myself and posted it today. Lots to be joyful about this time of year as well as throughout the year.

  2. This card is GORGEOUS! I now have ANOTHER must have die on my! Have fun in the kitchen...I can smell those cookies now! Have a very Merry Christmas my friend!

  3. What a touching post, Nancy, and you helped me to remember to be more joyful when thanking God.

    Your purply card is so pretty! I do love purple, too, as your supervisor does. What a regal color. Your new leaves die is beautiful!

  4. What a lovely card! Wonderful texture brings the focus on that uplifting verse.

    I enjoyed reading about your sweet friend, how very thoughtful. Hope your cookie baking day went well...I can almost smell the aroma.

  5. Nancy what a lovely post. I think it is so appropriate with what is happening with current events. I am talking about Tim Tebow-I love that kid. I have since way back when he was a Gator!!! I love seeing him express his faith. Maybe he's the start of a new movement in this country to put "God" back into the principles and foundations that our country was founded on.

    This card is gorgeous. I hope your boss loved it. Sounds like a great party. Looks like we both baked cookies on Sunday. We've been passing them around to work and friends ever since.

  6. This card is beautiful. Love the layout and the cheery lynn die.