Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Christmas in July!!!

IT girl April came up with the new Can You Digi It? challenge, and she brought back some college memories for me. The challenge involves making a holiday card with out using a holiday image. Don't you love the collage of photos she picked out for inspiration?

I think April meant for us to go with the Christmas holidays, but I went with New Year's because it always has to take a back seat to the rest of the holidays (actually it may take a front seat since it is the first one...). I used the very cool Framed Mountains Digi Image created by AnnieJ Designs. The image comes with three images of mountains with various tones. I cropped out one of the frames and then cut it with a Spellbinders Oval Die. I also used some crystals from the Zva Crystal Wheel available at Can You Digi It? At $3.50, I think it is one of the best values in crafting out there!

Oh yeah, back the college memories. My first two years in college at the Univerity of New Mexico, I dated a nice young man who belonged to a Fraternity. In order to spend more time with him, I became a "Little Sister" at the Fraterity. The Little Sisters were in charge of a giant party every year. At this party the theme was Holidays - all of them! So we used every kind of holiday decoration you could think of. It was gaudy to say the least, and I am sure you could see it from miles around. There were Christmas lights strung every where, a large American flag hanging in the front yard, carved pumpkins with candles at the front entrance, luminarias lining the sidewalk and driveway, and you can just imagine the inside of the house! I remember the clean-up was the worst!!!

Holiday Hugz to you!!!


  1. Pretty card Nancy. Love it's simplicity!

  2. very nice, I still can't get on with digi's, I have just spent the last 2 hours trying :(
    first no ink in one printer and the 2nd printer would not load drivers, no idea what program to open the images in either lol. I am glad someone makes it look easy and classy. nicely done, mark

  3. Fabulous card, Nancy! Love the stripes and neutral pallet you used. Had a big giggle re: the holiday theme for the party - what a great idea :)

  4. I echo what Marisa said about the holiday theme for the party!

    Very elegant card. Love the way you tore some of the cardstock...almost reminds me of the yin-yang symbol.

  5. I like the graphic design of your card, Nancy. Thanks for stopping by my blog AND playing along with the Featured Stamper today on Splitcoast.