Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Haunted Recipe

This week's Haunted Design House Challenge (HDH#139) requires following a Haunted Recipe:

Begin with 2 layers (actual card counts as 1 layer) - oh, this was tough for me!!!
Add 1 main image - this hurt as it took me an hour to color it!!!
Mix in some metal bits of your choosing - Fun way to use my clock hands!!!
Add some drops of black pearls - Easy!
Gently fold in 1 punched element - Not tough for a PUNCHKATEER!
Tie up nicely with some ribbon or trim - Yay! I love me some ribbon!

One of my newest image is the Saturated Canary Witchkeys so I decided to use it. I loved how it looked on someone else's card, but I forgot to consider the coloring involved when I ordered it. I only own a few Copics and they are mostly flesh colors and browns. Not one to give up too easily, I decided to tackle this one with supplies on hand. I broke out my SU! markers and used them with my Copics. The blending didn't work as well, but it works for me!!! I cook like this too. I live 15+ miles from Walmart so if the recipe calls for something I don't have, I just use something else. A few weeks ago we didn't have cool whip to fold in our Banana Pudding so we used whip cream in the can and it was better. I didn't have shrimp boil for my Cajun Potato Salad yesterday so I just boiled my potatoes in Tabasco, Chili Powder, and BamaNation Hot Sauce. They came out wonderful (not as good as shrimp boil but really close and a lot cheaper).

Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxed weekend! Hugz


  1. This is wonderful Nancy, I like the image the colouring looks great, I like the papers and the big bow.
    Kevin xx

  2. love the big bow, fab card

  3. Great take on the recipe, you did a FAB job. Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House :)

  4. OMG! LOVE the images and your coloring looks great. Fab work with the recipe. thanks for playing with the Minions this week at HDH. xxD

  5. Great card! The image is adorable and your coloring is fab. My favorite bits are the watch hands. Brilliant!

  6. Nancy - I think you've done a fabulous job on colouring this trio of witches. Great take on the recipe. Thank you for sharing this with us at MM @ HDH

  7. I like this a lot, the compass/clock hands look great and the 3 witches put me in mind of mc beth ouil boil toil and trouble ;)

  8. This is just others have said before me...My favorite detail is the watch creative...
    and thank you for the nice comments on my blog...

  9. I love the images you use and i really love this one. The black bow is so cool and so are the colours you have used.

  10. wonderful card.. trying to understand the hard work behind it...I liked the fun picture and compass caught my imagination..

  11. Amazing card Nancy and the colors and coloring are fantastic! You sound like you are truly the mother of invention!

  12. HI There!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. :)
    THis is the set I have:
    I would recommend you get as large a set as you can afford, cos even if you use 36 pencils 99% of the time you can guarentee they wont all be in the 36 set. (they seem to spread all the nice colors out over the sets). You can also buy the pencils individually. And if you wanted to do this I could help you choose the best 50 colors say. But places like Dick Blick and Merri Artist have such great prices online (never shop full price in an art store) you'll probably want a real set. :)
    Hope this helps!

  13. Hi Nancy! This card came out so fun! I just love Halloween! Your post has made me really hungry! I need to go search through my fridge now to find a bite to eat! LOL!
    I hope that your having a great day!
    Warmest Hugs, Sheryl

  14. Cool card and I like the added clock hands. It's great when you can use something you've been wanting or needing to use. Cool paper, too. You know I love dots.
    Hey, I've never tried BamaNation hot sauce but it has to be good.

  15. Hi Nancy! What a sweet comment that you left on my blog about my mom. As soon as she gets settled, I'll email you with her address, if you would like to send her a card. She would love that. Great take on the challenge and you did a fabulous job with it. Such an adorable image and the coloring is awesome with all the bright colors. Great choice of paper too!