Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some Wise Words

I cased two cards on Splitcoast Stampers done by Lionsmane (she is the Featured stamper this week). She has a lovely gallery and I had a fun time playing in there getting inspiration.

I cased a fun umbrella card using Cheryl Alger's Sam's Rainy Day image (this also reminds me the Squigglefly challenge this week is Lovely Liquids - use liquid in your image or on your image) and came up with this:

Then I cased a lovely flower card by Lionsmane using a free image from Ikes' World and came up with this:

The sentiment says: Youth is the gift of nature and age is the work of art. I am feeling my age this week for some reason - I think it all started the day that I went out of town and didn't bring my age reducing cream. Oh my gosh - that was scary! When I put my makeup on without the cream, I looked like the Criptkeeper (it was that momment that Lindsay Lohan had in Freaky Friday when she saw herself in the mirror and she was Jamie Lee Curtis - seriously!). Things haven't been the same since for me! And I was buying that 50 was the new 40 prior to that - LOL!

HOpe you all have a wonderful day! Hugz!


  1. Ha, and just the other day I was reading an article that 70 was the new 50. And just in case you were wondering, it was an article about retiring. These articles are trying to move our generation to retiring at 70....can you imagine! It's wonderful if you are in good health and enjoy your work. My Dad lived to 67 and well my Mom had COPD really bad by 70 and her quality of life has been in the crapper. So no, I am not waiting until 70. If I feel like when I was 50, well then I'll go hike a mountain or something instead of working....lol
    Your cards are adorable. I love the Noah sentiment-that's so inspiring. Have a wonderful day! Miss you and hope things are progressing well with the Wedding plans.
    Bear Hugs,

  2. Both cards are terrific and the sentiments are so true! I love, love the second card, I might have to CAS!

  3. Both of these are gorgeous! I agree with Tammy about the sentiments too.

  4. Two great cards. Just love the sentiment on the first one :) Love the floral image and embossing around it on the second card. I got a reality check when my daughter took a first thing in the morning picture of me with her new camera! Saaaaary stuff LOL! But, life is to be lived and age is just a number. Good news: we don't have to look at ourselves that much - everyone else gets the honor LOL!

  5. You're too funny Nancy! I used to buy that 50 is the new 40 too but it's crap! I haven't even hit the 5-0 mark yet but i feel like the Crypt-keeper's helper!! Just read Carol's comments too (oh boy! . . . 70!!!) Love both cards!

  6. Lovely cards, the sentiments are perfect :o) Hugs, Lisa x

  7. Love the sentiment on your first card. The other one is so beautiful with the embossing and beautiful image. You are being funny again....about the age reducing cream. LOL

  8. How very pretty and profound this card is, Nancy!