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A Few Wedding Pictures

My sweet daughter's wedding is over now and I can relax a bit.

It was such a beautiful wedding. 80+ people drove all the way down to Dauphin Island, Alabama to witness Joey and Crystal pledge their lives to each other. We had several groups that flew or drove across country to make it, and there were a few people that totally surprised Crystal by showing up. It was the perfect amount of people - a wonderful mix of people from both families plus many very special friends. Friends from every part of Crystal and Joey's lives - I am so thrilled they all came. I know many others wanted to come, and we appreciate all their gifts, prayers, and well-wishes.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I want to say that it took a village to put this wedding together. I had no wedding planning skills and very little time to get with Crystal and plan things, but Joey's family, my family, and several of Crystal's friends all jumped in together to make this wonderful and blessed event come together. So many people gave of their time and talents during every stage of this wedding process.

When I say Joey's family helped, that is really an understatement. They are the most organized, gifted, and truly sweet people. Joey's grandmother cooked the wonderful food we had at the wedding (it was barbeque chicken and pork with lots of wonderful trimmings) and the rehearsal dinner (it was a shrimp boil, bread pudding, banana pudding, and peach cobbler). She had a giant team of helpers - talented women - family and friends. Every time I saw her during the weekend she was smiling even though I know she was unbelievably tired. Joey's Mom, Terri, did a lot of planning, rented the house we had the wedding at, did a ton of borrowing, begging, purchasing, and toting of decorations, serving items, lights, tables, chairs, tablecloths, and even a van to pick up wedding guests as there was very little parking (I could go and on - she even brought along the DJs and a family friend to drive the van). They were all like a well oiled machine - they work together like dancers who have been together for a long time. They never stopped smiling except maybe when we talked about the possibility of rain. Joey's brother Tatum helped with setting up chairs for the wedding and a ton of other things. Did I mention that Joey's Dad is a Minister and that he performed the ceremony plus did a ton of work setting up and taking down (Ricky even did the shrimp boil with another army of helpers)? I will be grateful to them all for helping to make this ocassion really special for Joey and Crystal.

I had some great helpers too. My Sister Sharon served as the Wedding Coordinator and she lent us lights, decorations, silver serving knifes, her time, and much support and love. Our friend and true sister Patty also helped with candid pictures and her support and love (not to mention the errands she and Sharon ran and the shoulders they provided when I needed a little cry). My sweet husband Kenny helped me with getting the rest of the tables and chairs we needed, watching over my parents and making sure they were taken care of and shuttled around, helping Ricky and the others cook the shrimp boil, and putting up and taking down everything. Carol, Claude, and Judy drove down and kept us entertained (they even found one of Kenny's long lost cousins for us). Crystal's Dad (my ex-husband) shared the costs with us and couldn't have been a more loving and devoted Father (Joey's family helped a ton as well with the costs and are even sending the happy couple to Jamaica - see I am telling you they were a big blessing). I am so scared I have left people out in this story - there were so many helping hands! Even the photographer, Spring, was a blessing. She hasn't been doing a lot of weddings this year due to her busy schedule, but she agreed to do this one plus she drove all the way down to Dauphin Island (it is over 4 hours) and spent the day keeping everyone laughing and relaxed. She is a total sweetheart. Even the bakery staff was helpful. They drove the cake over an hour, carried up some pretty steep steps, and stuck around while we frantically tried to find the purple flowers to add to the cake (this adventure took awhile too because the flowers had been moved and were in a box in the corner -YAY to Wendy who found them and saved the day or at least the look of the cake - LOL).

Crystal and Joeys' friends pitched in with planning and with helping to put everything together and taking it all down. What would we have done with out their smiling faces, strong backs (Tony, Miles, and Heath - you never hesitated to jump in and I will never forget it), and eternal laughter? I don't think they stopped laughing and smiling the whole weekend. What a pleasure they all were to be around (even some of their parents and siblings helped with the put up and take down - Miles, your family rocks). Crystal's sweet friends and her sister Alex (my other sweet baby) gave of their money, time and talents. I am grateful for all they did - especially with all they did to make sure Crystal didn't totally stress out. I think it was the most calm I have ever seen Crystal at a major event. Kristina, Laura, Alex, and Rachel even helped keep me calm! I don't want to leave out the fact that Rachel and Heath were in the wedding, but they also were the ones that introduced Crystal and Joey. They helped tremendously during this whole process as did all of the wedding party - Rachel even did most the girls' hair including Crystal. Allie was the perfect Sister (at least no one told me differently) - and her Maid of Honor speech was a tear jerker.

Speaking of tearful moments:

*The sweet letter Joey wrote Crystal before the wedding letting her know how much she means to him and how excited he was.
*The moment my Mother and Pop arrived at the wedding and everyone was making a fuss over how sweet they looked - it was a special moment for me.
*When Crystal looked at me on the beach before the wedding and I started crying and then she started crying and then all the girls in the wedding party started crying.
*The look on Joey's face when he saw Crystal for the first time in that beautiful gown - he started crying and then his Dad said to him, "Go ahead and cry Son, I will cry with you."
*Crystal seeing the look on Joey's face and having her wish come true - she cried (then we all cried even more).
*Tatum's speech (Tatum is Joey's younger brother) at the rehearsal dinner and the sweet flowers he gave Crystal.
*When Crystal and Joey had their first dance - I hugged Joey's Mother (Terri) and we both cried.
*During the ceremony when the Dolphins were swimming back and forth in the ocean right in front of Crystal and Joey - it was like a wonderful sign the world was happy this event was ocurring.
*Alex's heartfelt speech at the wedding - she put sooo much thought into it and delivered it perfectly.
*When it was all over and I realized how many prayers had been answered - prayers for pretty weather (the chance of rain was 100% for this day, but not a drop fell the whole ceremony), prayers for smooth sailing in all the activities, prayers that all Crystal's dreams of the wedding would come true, prayers I had sent up for 22 years that Crystal would find true happiness and a wonderful husband, prayers that my Mother would be able to make it to the wedding, prayers that Kitty and Bobby's son Jamie would be well enough for them to come, prayers that others would fill in and get this wedding to come out wonderfully since I knew I couldn't do it without them, prayers that my sweet Husband would feel included and enjoy himself (he loves Crystal and Joey and it can be tough to be a step-parent at a wedding).

Oh, I could go on and on, but I am sure I have written way more than I should have...I just wanted to get all this out from inside me. I just wanted you all to know how blessed I feel; how happy I am that Crystal and Joey had a fairytale wedding; and how grateful I am to everyone who helped.

We won't have the wedding pictures ready for 4 weeks but I snagged a few pictures from Patty and Alex and have posted them above. The first one is of as much of the immediate families we could find at the time, the second is the happy couple for their first dance, the second is them walking down the beach right after the wedding, the next is my parents (aren't they the cutest?), then it is Allie and Crystal, and the last one is a cute picture of the gorgeous bridesmaids and Crystal playing around before the wedding.

Thanks for taking the time to visit with me and share in this sweet time in our lives whether you were there physically, mentally, or even if you are just finding out about it now from this post. Send up a few more prayers for us too - prayers that this marriage stays blessed and that they grow closer together and closer to God every day.

Hugz to all!


  1. What a storybook wedding this turned out to be - and it could not have been more perfectly orchestrated by a cast of THOUSANDS!!! All the planning and everyone pitching in to help get it all done must have made it appear as a dream wedding in every way!! Can't wait to see more pictures when they come in. Love the one of your parents most especially!!

    Asking God's Blessing on Crystal and Joey as they embark on their new life together!!

    BIG HUGS TO YOU AND KENNY!! Congratulations - you made it through the wedding!!!

  2. So thrilled to hear that the wedding went off without any hitches and that the rain stayed away. Delighted for all of you! Hugz, Izzy

  3. Wonderful photos and on a beach too!!!

  4. What a beautiful tribute you have given to all of your family and friends in this post. Your gorgeous daughter and her handsome husband had, what I consider, to be the best type of wedding, Everyone joining in and helping out, a true family affair. I am so glad you and everyone else were able to enjoy the day. I am keeping the happy couple in my thoughts and prayers for a long happy life together. Thank you for sharing the wedding with us. I have found that the crafting/blogging world, as big as it it, can be very small and intimate and we all have extended families out there and you proved this by including us in your joyful day. Thank you for that. Hugs, Donna
    PS You brought tears of joy to me.

  5. So glad the day was a wonderful success filled with countless memories! Sending prayers for rich blessings to the newlyweds!

  6. Sounds like the day was perfect in every way! What a beautiful day to start the rest of their lives together.

  7. I think everyone involved had a great time and it was all done for that wonderful sweet couple. God smiled down on them in so many ways this past weekend and I am sure He will continue to do so for many years to come. Love you,

  8. You almost have me crying with all the touching moments you experienced LOL! So glad it was a fabulous day for everyone :) Hugs to you!!

  9. such a magical, joyful wedding ...sooo happy to hear it all went all...what a great family you have..very glad that all the family members, friends, all came together and became part of this wonderful moment..thanks for sharing these beautiful memorable pictures, can't wait to see more.. how nicely you have written about it.. it almost made me feel I was there.. I read this blog entry a number of times..every time it brought tears of joy..Congratulations my Friend!! God bless Crystal and Joe and all of them who made this a grand success..

  10. Nancy the write up was great. I am so glad the weather was pretty. It appears everything went off well and I am so glad. I can't wait to see the pictures. Crystal looks very happy and both the girls are very pretty.

  11. I am so happy for you that all went so well for everyone. The joyful day really shows up in the beautiful pics of the beautiful bride and groom. Your post was wonderful to read....thanks for sharing.

  12. After all that crying it looks look it was a wonderful day Nancy,Her dress was beautiful, very much (Like my Heather had except Heathers was burgandy at the top) how wonderful to be on the beach, A wonderful day to remember.
    I was trying to find your email address Nancy but can't find it, can you contact me.
    Kevin xx

  13. Gosh it looks like it was a beautiful ceremony! I know how good it feels to have this off your shoulders though. I had no experience in wedding stuff either when my oldest daughter got married.

  14. Sistah, your kitchen counter holds blessings this day! What a beautiful testimony to family, faith and prayer! I felt as if I was there girl. What a wonderful beginning for Crystal and Joey. Time to put your feet up, and get your fingers inky, eh? Love you much. Thanks for sharing this blessed time! Lymimimi, to the bazillionth level.

  15. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for posting these gorgeous pictures. What a beautiful wedding and happy looking couple. I love that big mercury glass candle holder-it just fits perfectly with the beach surroundings and touches of purple.

    What a touching way for Crystal and Joey to start that first day as Man and Wife-surround by the support and love of an extended family. That's the way it should be-I don't blame you for crying. I am crying too thinking about it. This couple will have a long and lasting marriage when families come together in love like this and will pass the legacy on to their children. They will truly be blessed.

    Bear Hugs,

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  17. O.K., so I teared up just reading your post. Sounds as if everyone had tears of joy. Congratulations to Crystal and Joey. I'm so happy you shared some of the photos. I love wedding pictures. Looks like the rain stayed away. Yea!!! Now, you can relax a bit. Hugs to you!!!

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Nancy,

    Your daughters are beautiful! A beach wedding is wonderful! You should be very proud...


  20. .. . and I'm still reading . . . What an absolutely beautiful post! The love you have expressed above brought tears to my eyes and what a special day, with so many personal touches! The addition of the dolphins . . . I'm speechless! I'm dolphin-CRAZY and what a message and gift they brought to such a special day! big hugs to you and the newlyweds!!


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