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A Sneak Peek and a Little Poem

Warning - this post is a bit mushy!

This is a sneak peek at a new image that will be available in the Squigglefly store this coming Saturday. It is by Judith Hart and is called "Will It Blow Away." I think the image is sooo cute with her head all lifted up like that. I was studying the image thinking about what it said to me, and I decided it reminded me of my little Allie going away to college. I really didn't think her moving away was going to get to me as much as it has... Luckily, my oldest DD was sweet enough to come create with me yesterday so I wouldn't miss Allie's normal hang out day on Saturdays or Sundays. We made chocolate cookies in the shape of footballs layered with cream cheese icing (I didn't eat any but she assured me they were yummy). Any way back to the card. I made up this little poem and added it to the card - it really represents how I feel about Allie going out in the world. I think both my girls will make great positive impacts on the world. It may just be in their own little corners, but if that is the case those corners will be bright and positive! I hope she likes/liked it.

I am off to go make something more cheerful! Hugz!!!!


  1. This is so lovely. I love the look of the grungy background paper combined with the pretty image and gorgeous flowers. it really makes an impact on that DP!
    Love it!

  2. Great sentiment and lovely bit of distressing in the BG.

  3. Beautiful card and poem. I fell the same way as you do every time my son leaves for college (it hasn't gotten any easier for me and since I'm moving further away, that doesn't help either. I know your daughter will love it.

  4. So very sweet, Nancy. What you wrote is just wonderful. I'm sure Allie will love it. Those flowers you added are gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful card Nancy, the image is sweet and the verse is beautiful
    Kevin xx

  6. so gorgeous nancy.adorable sweet image and colours and the verse is really beautiful :D

    xx coops xx

  7. Ahh, such a sweet image and your poem is so true and the perfect finishing touch!

  8. my friend, so glad to see your first poem, it made me sad n happy, we can light our own little corners if only we are blessed, this is a aweesome thing..certainly they will ..fills me sith joy to see ur sentiment, ur poem ...know that God is with u ...wonderful feeling...fef

  9. Your card is so pretty, I love the die you used and you did a great job on the poem. That image is just adorable.

  10. WOW!! This is quite an amazing design! I absolutely LOVE the beautiful and thanks for sharing it! HUGS

  11. Nancy this is so sweet - and not sad but touching. I think every mother has felt this. When my oldest daughter went away to college I created a little kite shaped book that opened up like an accordion. On the pages I wrote a quotation by Erma Bombeck which is what I felt at the time. I love the beautiful flowers you have used here - and I really like the pink and brown color combination!
    I see children as kites. You spend a lifetime trying to get them off the ground. You run with them until you're both breathless...they crash... you add a longer tail... they hit the rooftop... you pluck them out of the spout... you patch and comfort, adjust and teach. You watch them lifted by the wind and assure them that someday they'll fly.

    Finally, they are airborne, but they need more string and you keep letting it out and with each twist of the ball of twine, there is a sadness that goes with the joy because the kite becomes more distant and somehow you know that it won't be long before that beautiful creature will snap the lifeline that bound you together and soar as it was meant to soar... free and alone.

    Only then do you know that you did your job.

  12. So sweet! And I can so relate. For a long time after my daughter went to college...I would go into her empty room...sit on her bed, and get weepy...It's so difficult to let go...

  13. Sweet little poem, and so true. Those words can apply to so many things in life.

    I hope you are well, my dear Nutzi. And How are the newlyweds doing?

  14. OMGosh you had me with the sweet image and the poem, and then I read your entree and now I am blindly seeing through tears. It's so hard to let go and let them make their way in the world but you are right, they will make the world more beautiful. snif. I love this.


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