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A Little Bit Different Journaling and Bowling Ball Fun

Hello friends.  

I tried a few different (for me) things.

I always love looking a written journaling with little illustrations - there are some people out there who are awesome at it.  I thought I would try it and now I remember why I don't do it!  You have to have good handwriting and be able to write your words at the same size throughout the page!  LOL.  Since I don't have good handwriting and I can't keep my words the right size, this looks like a hot mess, but I am going to share it!

Proverbs 28-29.  I picked this page in my Bible Journaling because I love the focus on helping the poor and the words on flattering your neighbor and a net.  I obviously thought I would get to the net part before the end of the page but that didn't happen.  I learned a lot from the reading and the journaling.  I think I will try this again but plan it out a bit better.  Some guidelines might be a good idea for me too.

Linking this to Tracy's THE MEANING OF theme at **ART*JOURNAL*JOURNEY*.  The meaning of all this is that we need to wake up and be less about impressing others, trying to control others, and running after selfish desires AND more about helping others.  Try new things too!

Speaking of trying new things, I have a new wreath and this one is a bit different:

I am showcasing the new DRS Designs  Ball on Your Birthday Greeting and the bowling ball from Strike! 3 in 1 Bowling Designs.  I also added in a football from the Four Corner Sports.  I painted the wreath after watching THIS video. I skipped half her steps obviously as I was in a hurry but I still like how it came out.  

I cut the bowling ball out of the Bowling Designs stamp and it was sitting on my kitchen counter.  I looked over at it and I saw holly so this it what happened after that:

I tried another one too.  The sentiment is Holly Days Christmas Greeting from DRS Designs. 
One more snowman card too:
The greeting is Melt for You from DRS Designs. 

My sweet daughter, Allie, gave me this 1978 Garfield mug and the wooden N behind it.  She can find the coolest things at thrift stores!  My father loved Garfield so this really makes me smile.




  1. A super journal page Nancy, the words are more important than your handwriting and it doesn't look messy to me.
    A fabulous selection of cards, I love the wreath with a difference, a great idea.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  2. A great page Nancy, those are wise words!
    Lovely cards too.
    Alison xx

  3. Love your journaling, it's very cleverly done! Great cards, too, all bright and beautiful! Hugs, Valerie

  4. I love your journal page Nancy. I think your handwriting looks pretty good. You should see mine. (smile-not very good-at work I used to always have to type everything). And your wreath is beautiful. What a super idea. I like adding the footballs. And your holiday cards are beautiful too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for sharing at AJJ. Hugs-Erika

  5. great layout with your BJ page and your cards are stunning. Great use of the bowling ball as berries :)

  6. Nancy, your handwriting is downright gorgeous compared to mine. I have messages I write to myself that I can't understand after a few days. I think you did an excellent job. It's a lovely page and filled with words of wisdom, too. Thanks for sharing it with us at Art Journal Journey using Tracey's theme.

    That bowling ball card is adorable. I really LOVE the wreath aspect of it, too. And your holly cards are beautiful. I think your daughter found the perfect gifts at the thrift store for you, too. I hope you alter the N, because I think it will be amazing once you do.

  7. Wow, those Christmas cards are stunning! I love both the holly leaves and snowman that you painted, they look amazing 😁. I hope you've had a lovely week and wishing you a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Jo x

  8. Thank you so much for sharing another awesome journal page Nancy your meaning is so forthright and true, My days are filled with taking care of my nearest and dearest and both elderly Mothers too so I do not understand how people can be so selfish.. your words certainly gave me a little hug as I read them..
    Beautiful cards that i'm sure will be dearly cherished. Happy Sunday Hugs Tracey xx

  9. I don't know how I missed this great post of yours but somehow I did! Glad I realized that I did, so much fabulous work to see here. I love your journaling page. I am not much of a writer (and my blog posts prove that), and I can't draw a straight line, but I want to try and do a journal starting in 2021. I used to keep a gratitude journal, and I think it's more important now than ever to start doing that again. Your cards are wonderful as always, and I like your cute mug. They brought back some memories. I think at one time we had the whole set. It made me wonder if we still had any left, and we do...just two left, I'm sure the rest were broken), and they are so worn it's even difficult to see the images. Thankd for sharing your wonderful work and words, and some great memories!


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