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Stress Journaling

Hello friends.

Sad news.  I lost my Pop the day after Christmas.  He suffered through pulmonary fibrosis which is a horrible disease.  He is at rest now.

He and my Mom shared a special love. She always told me that if she had had him in her life early on, they could have taken on the world. He made her very happy, and he was such a rock to her when she faced her battle with cancer. When she got her diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer, she said she didn't want to fight it or take any treatments.  She had already fought it once and it took a lot out of her.  Pop told her that he would be there every step of the way, and he wasn't willing to give up.  She fought it and had several more very full years where she got to see both my daughters get married and the birth of quite a few great grandchildren. But more importantly, she had more time with him - something she deeply treasured.  He was true to his word, and he was there through every step like a rock.  Then when she passed away,  he would have a glass of wine ready for me when I came home from work, and we would share stories and tears and our hurting hearts. So he was a rock for me too.

I say we would share stories but mainly he shared the stories.  He was one of those rare story tellers who could grab your attention and make you feel like you were right there when the story was happening.  He told me stories about his life and stories about my Mom.  Stories about things my Mom told him that she never told me or shared with me.  Those stories were like gold to me.  

My Mom married Pop when they were in their 70s.  Both were widowed for a number of years, and Pop was my best friend's father.  One Thanksgiving our families shared together at his house, they sat by each other and fell in love. A number of things happened after that:
*My best friend became my Sister - that was sooo cool.
*I finally had two brothers - something I had wished for deeply when I was little.
*I lived next door to Pop and my Mother sold her house and moved next door so we could be next door neighbors.
* My Mom found the love of her life - and she meant it.  Her time with him was the happiest of her life.
*Leavie told everyone I was his daughter and never said the word "step."  He told me he loved me as much as if I had been born to him.  He told me this often. It healed a number of hurts in my life. 

Some people dismiss all this and feel that because this all happened when we were older that I couldn't really think of him as my father, but I did and I do.  

I have a favorite picture of  my Mom and Pop together at my daughter's beach wedding -  I painted it in my bible in 1 Corinthians which has some beautiful words about love.  They are together again now. 

Linking to Tracey's "The Meaning Of" theme at **Art*Journal*Journey*  - it fits in a number of ways.

If you are still with me, I have a few more BAJ pages to share - I find it healing to do them so it has ben helpful to me.

I did this after looking at  Henry Ossawa Tanner' The Disciples See Christ Walking on the Water painting.  It is nothing like it but I like it.  I did it in Matthew 4 which is not were it belongs, but it does fit the Teaching, Preaching, and Healing theme of that chapter.

Then I did a page in Daniel 6.  I drew the lion with an ink pen and then colored it up with water colors.  He looks very sleepy doesn't he? When I first read about it, I read he was 90 when he went in the lion's den, but then I read several other places he was around 70.  70 or 90 - doesn't really matter, it is encouraging that God still has important things for us to do when we are older (something I need to hear these days as I am coming to grips to the fact that I am old - something I said before but am now believing more each day).  

Thanks for visiting this post - it was healing for me.  

Hope you are well and getting ready for 2021 and all it brings.




  1. You brought tears to my eyes with this story Nancy. So sorry to hear about your loss It might sound trite to say you had a wonderful gift at this point in time, but it sounds like it truly was. Your art is amazing also. So many wonderful pages today. I am so happy to read you had some healing from writing and making the art too. Art helped save me and my marriage in a bad time of my life many years ago and I truly cherish what it can do. Thanks so much for joining us at Art Journal JOurney, and for letting us get to know you this year. Happy new year. And stay strong. Hugs-Erika

  2. This is a wonderful tribute to your dear Pop Nancy! I'm so sorry to hear of his passing, but happy that he is now reunited with the love of his life your Mom in Heaven. You painted some beautiful art in your BAJ.
    Big hugs,
    Alison xox

  3. I'm very sorry to read of the loss of the dear person of you.
    I love your beautiful paintings and pages.
    I'm wishing you very happy and healthy year 2021💗

  4. Like Erica said in a comment above me...Your post brought tears to my eyes. I so wish I could be with you and give you a hug right now. But I am so happy for you that you have happy memories to help you through this difficult time. Keep them close to your heart...I know you do cherish them it comes through in your wiritng...Since we (your fellow bloggers and friends) can't be there to give you a hug, I'm praying that you feel God's love surrounding you and giving you peace and comfort! Love and Blessings to you...

  5. So sorry to hear about your loss Nancy. That is awesome that they found each other in their 70s and to have your best friend as your sister and your mom & pop as next door neighbors is a true gift.
    Gorgeous pages today and your artwork is beautiful, stunning lion!
    Hugs, Tammy

  6. Nancy I am so sorry to read about the sad loss of your Pop, such a touching tribute in words showing how much he was treasured in so many ways. Your Mom was very lucky to find her soul mate no matter how late in life, some people search all their life and still never find what they are looking for. May they both be watching over you together as one again, hand in hand so proud of the sweet kind and talented human being you are. Thank you for sharing the love in your fabulous journal pages.
    Take care of yourself and hold onto those sweet memories they keep us strong Hugs Tracey xx

  7. Dear sweet friend...I am so sorry to hear about your loss of your sweet cherished Pop, but happy you shared your love and memories of your Pop and Mom. May you have healing thoughts knowing your Mom and Pop are now together again and looking over all your dear family. Your art and writings are so filled with love and we so appreciate you sharing your loss with your friends. Take care and wishing you a Happy Healthy New Year. Love and Hugs...Nancy L.

  8. such a beautiful story Nancy and so wonderful they found each other and you got to share in their lives. So beautifully expressed in you BJ.

    Hugs Christine

  9. Wonderful story!!!I love this art and words!
    Stay healthy and take care !!! I wish you a happy new year 2021, hugs Elke

  10. What beautifuls illustrations in your Bible Journal, especially the first one. Thank you for sharing such a special story with us and what a special story it is. You have used the perfect words from start to finish to describe exactly what your Pop and your Mom found when they met. He must have been a very special man and he proved to be a lovely father. I am so sorry you have had to say goodbye to him but you know that he is now back with your mom who has been waiting for him and that must give you some feeling of joyous love.
    Bless you
    Neet x

  11. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful post! I'm so sorry for your loss and I'm sending you heartfelt wishes with a little tear in my eye as I read your beautiful words and looked at your amazing pages, it really touched my heart 😁. So glad that you had such a lovely pop and that you celebrated his life by sharing such lovely memories with us, he sounds like a wonderful man! Wishing you peace and comfort! Take care! Hugs, Jo x

  12. So very sorry for your loss Nancy! I lost my mom right before Christmas two years ago. Love to see how you have celebrated his life! He is with Jesus now : ) lucky him!!!


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