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Halloween Drinks, Date Night, and a Bit of Snark

Fun drinks for the week to share with the super fun T-day garng who meet up at Elizabeth's blog.

This is filled with Poweraid. or something like it.  My daughter drove to the town where Vampire Diaries is filmed and drank one.  I can't believe she didn't bring me one back!

She had this one at one of the local bars that is often in the show.  She said it was very strong and infused with herbs.  I love the spooky color. 

This one was my drink.  Of course, I bought it for the can.  It liked it, but I didn't love it.  

Hubby took me on a date night this week. We split a molcajeta (edited to fix spelling) bowl, and it was wonderful!  

Update:  Around here the restaurants do a pinto bean, onion, red chili, and bell pepper base, then add a block of queso type cheese a grilled jalapeno, and grilled chorizo, shrimp, pork, steak and chicken. HERE is a link to a video about it.  Everyone puts a different spin on it. 

I hadn't had one since my last gal bladder attack. No more gal bladder so I could risk it. 
Of course, I have a card to share too.  I just got my ArtStacks people and couldn't resist playing with one of them.  A bit of Victorian snark - do you think she really means it?  The sentiment is DRS Designs. 
Hope you have a wonderful week.




  1. I don't know what a muachaltie bowl is, but I am glad you could enjoy it. Loved that card on SCS, too. Great post, Nancy. Happy T Day!

  2. I have never seen anything like the drinks you have shown here -but I would be curious and at least taste them:)
    Never heard of that muachalti bowl either but happy it was a good one and you could enjoy it . Love the snarky card;) Happy T day!

  3. Hi, a very fun post-enjoyed seeing all the different drinks, not familiar with the muachalti bowl either but looks good if not too spicy. Great card too-Happy T wishes

  4. I have also not heard of a muachaltie bowl, and my internet search only showed bowls with nothing in them. I guess without a gall bladder, the food must have been good. What was in it? It looked rather gross to me (SORRY).

    I really liked your card and can't quite understand how it was snarky. It sure looked like she was caring. Maybe I'm misinterpreting it.

    I DID enjoy those drinks. I thought I had long fingernails, but your daughter's put mine to shame. Maybe I need to paint mine someday, but I sure like hers and that bloody drink she shared with us. Of course, I also liked the Grit Kisses, too. I actually laughed when I saw that.

    Thanks for sharing your muachaltie bowl, your snarky card, and your various drinks with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nancy. Just wonderful and fun drinks indeed.

  5. How cool! I want such a drink, too!
    LOL, I do that, too, buy, just cause the disign looks so great.
    Interesting food. And that card. The womann sure tells you to be thankful,
    have a happy T-Day, hugz

  6. What a clever post, Nancy. The drinks you present us are really unique and cool.
    Love your Viktorian lady on your Thanksgiving card.
    Have a nice day xx

  7. Nancy such cool drink containers and drinks. Yummy food too. I’ve never heard of a muachaltie dish. You have the coolest drinks and food where you live. You know I love your card. She doesn’t look impressed does she lol. Happy Tuesday and week. I hope it’s a good one for you. Hugs from Oz jx

  8. Love those fun drinks, although I don't think I would want to drink them! Glad you can eat more of what you like now that the gall badder is out, but your bowl is something I have never heard of. Perhaps you can tell us what's in it another time! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

    1. Valerie, around here the restaurants do a pinto bean, onion, red chili, and bell pepper base, then add a block of queso type cheese a grilled jalapeno, and grilled chorizo, shrimp, pork, steak and chicken. The meat is all grilled and the base comes out bubbling. You can mix it all togeher or eat it like fajitas in a tortilla. We do both.

  9. The muachaltie bowl looks very yummy. I had to look up muachaltie but Google came up with nothing, so it must be a local thing. Is it Mexican? Does muachaltie refer to the material the bowl was made of or the recipe? It looks really tasty. It's great to have a date night. I think we don't do it often enough. But then we are retired and see each other every day.
    The halloween drinks are fun. Other people have written about Halloween drinks too. Yours takes the biscuit.
    Happy T-Day,

  10. The drinks all look like fun Nancy, I'm not sure I would drink the first one though, your daughter is very adventurous. I'm glad you enjoyed your date night, the food looks lovely and I like your card, your Victorian lady certainly looks rather stern, she doesn't look like she is thinking anything nice!
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  11. So many cool drinks today Nancy for T. I'm not the grey drink your daughter had looks that appealing, but it is wonderful for the spookiness. I do like your beer can. Too bad it didn't taste as good as the can looks. That is such a cool can. And what are Art Stacks? I need to go look that up. That lady is great, as is your card. It is nice to find some people other than TH's, although his are pretty good. Have a great T day Nancy and week ahead. Hugs-Erika

  12. I am so glad you could enjoy the meal. I have had my gallbladder gone for about 8 years now and that meal would knock me for a loop, LOL Everyone is different when they have the gallbladder removed. As for the drinks, I so want the fist one to hang in my room. That is too cook. I do like that graveyard grey color of the bar drink too.
    Have a great day today.

  13. No blood or Halloween drinks for me thanks, eek 😉. I'd try the beer with you and your Victorian card looks fabulous! Wishing you a Happy T Day! Hugs Jo x

  14. Creeeeepy beverages this week! What fun. I would like that dinner but not too much of it. Google also failed to inform me what it was. It didn't even find the mention that's right here in your blog post.

    best... mae at

  15. The creepy beverages are so fun, but I'd have to pass on your spicy dinner. Love the card. I took "bless" in the Southern sense 😉 Happy T Day

  16. Oh my those drinks look completely spookalicious!! Such a fun post and that Vintage lady looks like she's been cooking too much! Tee hee!

  17. Wow those drinks! I used to love the Vampire Diaries books. That grey one looks like dirty paint water though lol. Happy belated T Day Elle/EOTC xx

  18. Oh wow - this looks like such a fab night and thanks for the ArtStacks shout-out!

  19. Morning! Sorry I'm sooo late, but I think we're hours behind you! (or mabe in front) What fabUlous drinks! My mug usually has Hot chocolate in it..that way, when it gets cold I can still drink it! I wonder what the blood one tastes like. I had ButterBeer when we visited (years back) Harry Potter. That was very sweet! Thank you for your visit. Happy T Day


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