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Spooky Flowers, A Cool Drink, and a Thanksgiving Card

Hello friends - happy T-day!!!

I have an interesting Art Journal page for you today - perfect for Halloween and the Day of the Dead. 

The paint flecks and spiders make it really fun, but the most interesting thing to me is that the flowers all came off my parents' graves.  I just didn't want to throw away the flowers as they were so cool and had the most interesting fraying.  Here is the evolution of the page.

First layer of ink. 
Second layer of ink.

Third layer of ink and water distressing.
Flowers all piled on - isn't that fraying cool?
Then the arranging.  

Then the splattering (black and gold paint), spiders (can you count them all?) and the addition of the word "Remember."  Linking this to Tracey's "My Favorite Colour is October" theme at **ART*JOURNAL*JOURNEY.
I also have a spooky drink to share with you all.  As usual, the T-day gang is meeting up at Elizabeth's Blog to share something to do with drinks (of any kind).  Anyone is welcome as long as you have something drink related in your post. 
My youngest daughter wanted some wine when we were cooking Sunday, so I asked her to take a picture of it after we poured it (so I could post it here, of course - she knows the drill).  As you can see, she is bit more creative with her picture taking than I am.  She dug up our favorite wine glass, a book she bought me at the Thrift Store (I had already read it so she is reading it), and a fun pumpkin from the dining room table.  

The wine is called Hopes End.  It was my favorite wine of the year, and I hope I can find another bottle at our grocery store.  You would really be surprised by our country grocery wine selection - it still amazes me everytime I go down that isle.  We are out in the middle of nowhere so I don't know who is buying all this wine.  

The bottle had the coolest story on the back - so perfect for October.  You can read about it HERE, The wine is from Australia.  Whoever does their blog is very good so I totally recommend you click and look at it.  You may be asking your grocer or wine store to find it.

Ending this post with another drink related item.  It started out as two ATCs (you know how I love them).  Images are all from DRS Designs and the stencil is Visible Image (new to me). 
Then they were loaded on the outside and inside.

Happy T-day!



  1. Hi Nancy, your post today is full of delights. Love the label on the wine bottle, and glad it tastes good. our autumn/ Halloween piece is wonderful, love how you re-used the silk flowers. beautiful and meaningful for you. But no, I didn't count the spiders, perish the thought! Your ATCs are great, too. Have a great day, take care, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Thank you for showing how you made the background - cool!
    My Brother firmly believes our parents are "up there" and look upon and after us - if that´s the case yours must be very proud and smiling big, Spiders included.

    That wine, ohhhhh! LOL! Great additions, too!

    I sometimes buy food / drink due to such stuff, too, be it a name or great design. After all... someone sat down to come up with the cool stuff, right.

    In fact... I have a Märzen right now, a local beer :-) To your ATC, cheers!
    And happy T-Day!

  3. I love your art page very much, and a good remembrance, loving the added October features too. and I enjoy seeing your atc's I used to make a few of those years ago when I first retired and got into paper crafting.
    I love your wind glass very much and will check out the wine link too. our local grocery store has a huge wine selection as well-they are near the lake so they must sell allot to summer lake residents. Happy T wishes hugs

  4. Hi Nancy, love the artwork and gorgeous flowers, I love the ATCs too and I like the cards you made with them
    That glass it lovely and spooky at the same time, I’m not a red wine drinker, I used too but I went over to white wine for some reason, love the name of it
    Happy T Day

  5. Love your seasonal art -I'm partial to the ATCs- and the wine photo is perfect for the day and season. She has an artistic eye, doesn't she!

  6. That is a fantastic page for AJJ Nancy. Thanks for sharing! The fraying does look great, and I am sure your parents would love that something you will think of them by is now in a lasting art page. That wine sounds good also. Isn't it awful when you find what you like and then can't get it again? I'm a fan of those Sookie Stackhouse books so I hope your daughter is enjoying this one. She does have a nice eye (gets that from her mom most likely), and nice ATC's to end this post. Hope you are having a wonderful T day and week ahead. Hugs-Erika

  7. Wow! What a cool wreath project Nancy! Love the distressed background and extra spiders in there! Fun ATCs and cards too my friend! Always fun to see what you create!

  8. what a fab journal page with the upcycled flowers! Great vignette of your wine for T day.
    Super cards too. happy T day!

  9. I love how you repurposed the flowers from your parents graves. I've done the same with many of my silk flowers. Yes, they fray over time and fade in the sun, too. I love your page. It is so nicely done and Halloween-y, too. Thanks for sharing it with us at Art Journal Journey using Tracey's theme, dear.

    LOVE the ATCs and how you used them to create a lovely Thanksgiving card. What a great idea.

    Of course, I adore your wonderful vignette with the wine. Your daughter has such a clever eye and you apparently have great taste in wine. thanks for sharing your incredible art and your wine with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nancy.

  10. A very nice post. I love the bottle but I want the wine glass. LOL Have a great day.

  11. Your today's post really is a treasure, Nancy. I love the deep purple/sweet yellow colors of the Remember-page. The texture and gold look very beautiful.
    And your talented daughters photo design is fun and delicious. All elements are elegant and match together.
    Thanks for the wine tips! I like red wine.
    And thanks of showing in the end your clever ATC!
    Happy Halloween xx

  12. love your blending and water droplets for your background, I must remember to do that occasionally.
    Love the name of the wine, perfect for this spooky time of the year :)

  13. Fabulous makes Nancy, you created a lovely background for your beautiful flowers, thank you for sharing the process. Your daughter's photo shoot of the wine is brilliant, I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you manage to find some more, it sounds like you have a super grocery store.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  14. A fabulous journal page, it was good to see how you created it. I didn't count the spiders as they are not a favourite creature of mine. Thank you for linking to Tracey's theme at AJJ.

  15. Fun art today. I love that journal page with all the flowers. I am just wondering how you get the book closed. I always have that problem as I layer too much stuff, The more the better though.
    Happy Belated Tea Day,

  16. Fabulous journal page Nancy, thanks for sharing at AJJ. Your daughter did some great staging to show off your interesting wine. Love the ATCs. Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  17. Another great post from you. Wonderful remembrance. So creative and meaningful!
    Love your cards. You are reminding that I made a beer card and never posted it...
    Hope you having a good week... Hugs, Jill

  18. I'm sorry I'm so late this week. Your art journal page is very special! It's so lovely that you saved the flowers from your parents' graves. This makes your page so unique. - We sometimes drink wine from Australia and so far I have liked most of their wines.

  19. I enjoyed the process of your journal page. I also enjoyed your daughter's artful staging of the wine glass. Very fun. Happy T Day

  20. Your art is great, I like to use almost anything frayed. ATC's turned into cards are such a fun ide.

  21. I doubt I would be able to get that wine, but I will have a look for it. We have a good wine store near where we are staying at the moment. I have to say I have envy for that glass - isn't that gorgeous! And I just adore the way your daughter has set the scene - brilliant - love the pumpkin too.
    Now to your page - which is fabulous. No other word for it. Love those flowers, the colours are perfect and I love the way you built up the background with your inks. In fact I would go so far as to say those flowers are absolutely fantastically fabulous.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  22. A beautiful page Nancy, I love the wreath.
    Happy October!

  23. Nancy i'm so glad you rescued those frayed flowers you've created beautiful things with them and now have them close to your heart, beautiful way to keep loved ones lost so close. So glad you joined me again @ AJJ during October.
    Your ATC's are fab, my Hubby would love them all too..
    Creative HUgs Tracey xx

  24. What fabulous Halloween flowers and Thanksgiving cards! I love the ones with the beers and I may have to borrow that brewtiful sentiment - perfect 😀. Wishing you a lovely weekend! Hugs Jo x

  25. Sorry I'm sooo late! connecting problems! Those flowers look great and so does the splattery colours you've chosen. I did try to count the spiders but they were hiding! Happy Late T day.((Lyn))

  26. Fabulous journal page and cards Nancy,great ideas!

  27. I love your card and the origin of the flowers, what a nice way to repurpose them and display. I read that book also, probably my favourite from the series and then they went downhill a bit. The red wine looks good too! Sorry for my lateness. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  28. I just love the story behind the florals and how you created it! What a beautiful way to honor your parents! Great cards too!


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