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Haunted Books, Evelyn Hugo, and Some Art

 So what did I buy at the Haunted Bookshop?

I bought all these books except the top one.  I added the top one because I just finished reading it, and I loved is so much that I wanted to recommend it.  I think I cried at the end of it more than I cried with any other book.  Not even sure why I cried. I think it was over the lost opportunties we all have in life and for all the deep losses we all experience or will in the future.  It was a great book. 

I finished murder at Mardi Gras a few days ago.  It was written by a former Mobile police detective so I wanted to support a local writer.  Great story and great insight into the workings of a police detective and the politics involved in the police world, but the writing style was hard to work through.  It was a bit formal and dry. Still, I don't regret buying it or reading it.  

I am reading Anno Dracula now.  Evidently (according to the Haunted Bookshop staff), if you like vampire stories it is supposed to be one of the best and something all vampire story readers are supposed to have read.  I love vampire stories and don't want my foundations to be lacking! It is very good, but it is extremely detailed and has a lot of characters so I am having to pay attention!  Dracula marries Queen Victoria and all the vampires come out of the closet. It becomes "in" to be a vampire so everyone is turning.  There is a vampire killer at large though and it isn't Van Helsing...... fun stuff for right before Halloween.

I have a new bottle of wine in the background on the righ:  Moonx.  It is my ticket to Elizabeth's T-day where we all meet every Tuesday and share one of our favorite drinks in some form. I bought it at Trader Joes.  It was one of the the featured wines and very reasonably priced.  This is what the back says:  "This juicy, super dense wine is inspired by the onyx blackness of a new moon - a lunar phase occuring when the sun, earth, and the moon are all aligned.  Loaded with intense dark flavors of blackberries, rasberry jam, and exotic spices with a caramel toast, enjoy with a bold dish or by itself."  I am going back and buying more as it is wonderful. 

Now some art from the week. 

Trying to get some Christmas cards done and bought some new SU! stamp sets and papers - don't you love playing with new toys?

Also did a bible journal page using Mixed Media Journaling prompts from our sweet T-day Gang member, Sharon (on a challenge she hosted on  She gave us a laundry list of items to choose from, and I picked: napkin, teal, and a photo from a magazine.

I did it in my journaling bible - Proverbs 12.  We should all probably read it at least once a week! The butterflies are cut from napkins and the tag was one hanging from one of my new school clothes.  This year, when all my great-nieces and nephews were talking about getting new clothes, I decided to get some too - lol!

Happy T-day and thanks for dropping by!


  1. The Evelyn Hugo book is on my wish list and I'm glad you reviewed it Nancy. I love reading book reviews so thanks for that. I also like vampire books and can I recommend Dracul but JD Barker and Dacre Stoker. It is about Bram Stoker's childhood, but definitely a fictional story with lots of mysterious happenings. You have some beautiful art this week, and I hope some fun new clothes too. Have a great T and week ahead.

  2. You have bought some great books, I have been looking at the Hugo book, too. In the meantime I only buy Kindle Books as all of my bookshelves have 2 rows of books in them and I have no where to put more- The bible journaling is wonderful, Proverbs is suc h a fascinating book full of wiadom. And the cards are lovely, too. Happy T Day, enjoy your reading, hugs, Valerie

  3. good morning, thank you for the book recommendations the vampire one sounds interesting. Loving your christmas cards-I haven't decided how I am going to make mine for this year yet I like to start mine early too.

  4. Some great books to read. Your cards are lovely too. Have a wonderful day.

  5. The books sound good, and the bookshop sounds like the perfect place to stock up for October reading. The wine sounds good. I love the way they describe it. Happy T Tuesday!

  6. Themed bookstores are appealing, but it's hard for them to make it in the current difficult retail conditions -- I hope yours stays in business. We had a mystery bookshop here but it didn't survive and I must admit that it didn't do much for me so I wasn't a good customer.

    best... mae at

  7. Same here with Six-Thirty - I was really sad having finished the book!
    Too hot (jippeee) for wine, beer it is!
    Christmas was in July ;-)
    Happy T-Day and... Merry Christmas in August ;-) Kidding. Always good to be ready in time!

  8. The Christmas card with the little dog is super cute! You're early in making Christmas cards, probably very wise since it will be here sooner than we think. Playing with new art supplies is always fun. Happy T day!

  9. Your journal page is lovely as are your cards. I had to look up Proverbs 12, you are SO right. There are so many nuggets of knowledge and wisdom in that one chapter. And many reminders to me of what I need to work on.
    I was interested in the top book but only because of the beautiful cover. I totally pick out books based on the cover, haha. Now I will have to add this to my To-read list. Thank you for the suggestions.
    Happy tea day,

  10. The only book in your stack that I have read is Anno Dracula! It's a great book and there's quite a few in the series, at least 5 or 6 of them. I like the author and have read some of his non-Dracula books too. I am curious about the top book too and will check it out. Love the little Scotty dog card! Happy T Day Elle/EOTC xx

  11. I absolutely love reading about these books you are reading. I wish I had more time to read something other than journal articles and white pages. That Anno Dracula book sounds interesting and so does Murder at Mardi Gras.

    LOVE those beautiful Christmas cards. You and Sharon seem to make different cards for each person. I'm not really a card maker, so once I create a design, I make it over and over and over. I prefer to make tip-ins instead.

    Your bible journal page is beautiful and I am SO glad you used a napkin, so people could see how a napkin can fit in a journal page.

    When I was in CA in 2010, I remember seeing Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe's. I bet the wine is more than two bucks today, but I enjoyed reading about yours.

    Thanks for sharing your books, your Christmas cards, the bible page, and your wine with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nancy.

  12. I love scarey books so much!! I find it difficult to find a good one though! Thank you for your recommendations! Your cards are lovely too.. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  13. Oh yea! There's nothing better than a good book to read and you've got an awesome pile there! Peter Straub will be a good one! Your Christmas makes are so festive and fun!! I love new goodies for sure!! Such a great post friend!!

  14. Your Bible art journal page is wonderful! I was so glad to see you played the challenge and did it so well. I especially like that you chose to use a napkin. About your book recommendations, I am not into vampires! I wonder about the Seven Husbands one, though. Oh, almost forgot to tell you I think your Christmas cards are beautiful. Happy T Day!

  15. Your choice of books sounds really interesting. Do I understand correctly that the Dracula book is rather funny?
    Wow, the wine seems to be really delicious!
    All the best and happy T Day!

  16. Lovely Christmas cards. The Scottie dog is very cute. You have reminded me I need to think of a card design for this year as the season is just around the corner. Happy T Day

  17. A super collection of books Nancy, it looks like you are going to busy reading them all.
    Lovely cards and a beautiful journal page, beautiful butterflies and you have created a great background for them.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob


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