Sunday, April 8, 2012

Keeping Menopause Rounded Up

This is a picture of my husband Kenny trying to keep things in order at my house while I go through Medically Induced Menopause (LOL). I know he feels like he is hearding wild cattle or cats or something. The doctor said I could get some hormones when things got a little rough, and poor Kenny is practicing talking like me so he can call in an order now. This is the exact hymn he has been singing over and over like a prayer to God to deliver him.

The Twisted Sister Challenge at SCS this week is to make something in brown with one other color, use two dies or punches, and use ribbon or twine. I think I got this one right.

Do you think God feels like he is constantly herding us, trying to keep us from running off a cliff, drowning in a rushing river, getting trampled when we try to follow the crowd, or being eaten by a coyote? Just a thought.

Easter Hugz to all!!!


  1. Really lovely creation. I love the diecut border.

    P/s: Hope your treatment goes well.

  2. Oh Nancy, you had me LOL!! Menopause Round up - love it!! So far so good for me - nothing coming up yet...will let hubby know he can chat with your hubby when and if he needs some assistance ;)

  3. Nancy, this is such a terrific guy card, love it. The border is so nice with the image. You have a way with words, that makes a difficult situation funny! The good news is, "this too shall pass", the bad news it lasts awhile!


  4. Love your card!, perfect for a guy! Feel better soon!

  5. This is such a great card. You did a terrific job with the challenge...

  6. This is lovely. That nestie is so many different looks! Great take on the are hard for me...LOL!

  7. I smiled reading this entire post. I feel so badly for you dealing with this... but did laugh knowing that I will have to let my husband read this in preparation... or call your husband so he doesn't kill me.. or I him :)).
    BIG HUGS to you!!

    Your card is STUNNING!!! I do think that God does that. He wants to keep us safe. He is our shepherd. We just like to do silly things sometimes. I am so happy he is close by watching me so when I get stuck in a trap or step on a thorn he is waiting to pick me back up, brush me off and send me on my way again. And I will have learned my lesson and do what I can to stay on the path he has prepared for me :)

    Big smiles, again

  8. Oh, my, I do know all about that surgically induced menopause. It's been giving me a problem for a while now, with night hot flashes (not sweats, mind you, just the hot flashes), inability to sleep well, and occasional day hot flashes. I am taking black cohosh and evening primrose oil capsules, and for a while, they seemed to hold things at bay. Lately, for whatever reason, it's all just amped up again. Man!

    What a beautiful herding card you've made, Nancy, from a lady who actually owns cattle!

  9. Yes Nancy, I believe..God is always herding us.. in this unknown journey of life.. thinking of it makes me so happy and peaceful.. God bless you always..