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Some Birds, Some Skulls, A Summer Landscape and 19 Crimes

 Hello Friends!

The Kitchen Counter has had some interesting things on it this week!  

Happy T-Day.  The T-Gang at Elizabeth's (Altered Book Lover) is aharing drink related items and a few people are revealing some of the 8th Anniversary ATCs that were exchanged.  I made a bunch of ATCs after getting slighted addicted to them (Elizabeth's fault).  I sent/am sending several as I got a bit confused a couple of times. Since I am not sure who got their ATCs yet, I am just going to share one of the cards and one of the ATCs I did not finish completely yet.  

I made an ATC for Mia since she is sending me one, so I thought I would share the front of the card she is getting (not the ATC inside) - I will send it when I find her address -  I have misplaced it....

I made the ATC portion using a playing card and some botanical tissue paper.  The birdie is Close to My Heart and the paper is Stamperia Forest.  This had to be used on a card since the bird tail was way off the card it it didn't fit the ATC size anylonger. The ATC looks nothing like this front - I will share it one day when she gets it.  Edit:  the sentiment says Don't Worry, Be Happy (in Greek - at least I hope it does - lol). 

As I mentioned, the T-Gang always shares something about drinks (of any kind) each week.  This was my favorite drink for the week.  It is an Austrialian wine - 2019 Red.  Yes, I admit I buy books and wine based on their covers!
I have not been able to finish it because I  ended up with an ear infection and I am on antibotics. Feeling much better now!  

One Tuesday a month, our Bunco group plays.  My Sister cooks for all of us and we play at my Aunt Joan's house.  One of our traditions is kitchen towels.  The first and last Bunco of the night get kitchen towels. My Sister picks them out normally, but I brought this one for the give-away this past week.  It is from an artist in Albuquerque, J Mohr - you can visit her HERE.   I love this!

The towel inspired me to make a skelly ATC (see what you created, Elizabeth?).  The base is a playing card.  You can still see a club on the face.  After applying the napkin, I covered it in Versamark and clear glittery embossing powder.  Not sure what I am going to do with it next, but I think it will be something fun.

I also have an Art Journal spread to share.  It was inspired by Alison's July theme of Summer Countryside at **Art*Journal*Journey*.

It was done in my Dylusions Creative Journal.  The base papers are The Paper Studio Vintage Christmas papers (sheet music themed and brown) and Stamperia Forest.  I tore it all up, glued it all down, covered it with a coat of thin white gesso, then added in water colors and inks.  The tree on the Stamperia paper was a Fall tree with no leaves so I added in plenty of green to try and create the illusion of leaves since this is Summer Landscape.  I think I acheived a late August scene, but it may have moved into September..... The criters are all Stamperia fussy cuts, the large orange button is from my Great Grandmother's sewing chest, and everything else is a stencil (I used 6 of them). 

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a lovely week.




  1. Using such a card is a clever idea! And that wine, oh!
    Sorry about your ear, but wee.... cool towel!
    You run ahead of time with your beautiful art - I don´t want summer to leave.
    A happy-T-Day, hope you can finish your crimes (glad I´m far away ;-)...)

  2. I love your art pieces very much, and I buy wine according to the labels too (smiles) this one has a neat name.
    My sister in law plays bunco which I had never heard of before now I know someone else that plays-loved the towel. Hoping you ear infection goes away soon-those are the worse.
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  3. I knew when I saw 19 CRimes in your title you were talking about wine. I pick up reds by them sometimes too. And nice ATC's both of them. I like the skeleton and how you used the bird to make a card. I've made a few more ATC's myself. They are fun, aren't they? And I love the dish towel idea, and that one definitely looks like you got it in New Mexico. It is fun! Thanks for sharing this wonderful journal spread with us at AJJ. It is perfect for Alison's challenge. Hope you have a super T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve had an ear problem, hope it’s feeling better now.
    A great idea to use an ATC on a card, I have a few I need to use, too hot to craft, yesterday I glued a card and this morning it’s handing off, I’m giving up until it’s cooler.
    Happy T Day

  5. Nancy awesome blog as always. 19 Crimes. How come we haven’t heard of this wine and live in Oz lol. I googled it and see it’s a Cab Sav…yum..and our local bottle shop sells the range. Guess who will be checking it out lol. Great ATCs and I also like them on cards. I smiled when I saw the skull one as I know this would be one of your favourites and the t towel with the skeleton. I’d love to know what the sentiment says on the card. Hope your ear infection is improving. Love your art journal pages. Awesome. Thanks for brightening my day. Happy week. Hugs jx

  6. Hi Nancy, beautiful work as always. The card is gorgeous, but the sentiment is all Greek to me! And a red wine called 19 crimes - do you do them before or after drinking? I sympathise with you not being able to drink because of the ear infection, hope it's soon better. I mustn't drink at all because of the tablets I have to take, good job I like Cola! And that skeleton is great - I love Halloween, it's always my fave season! Have a great day, take care, hugs, Valerie Oh, and thanks for joining us at AJJ with that beautiful journal page, I LOVE it!

  7. lots of wonderful art here! Your card is so pretty, and how nice to use a Greek sentiment for Mia. Yes, ATCs can be quite addicting- I used to participate in swaps and trades for years;)
    I have seen the wines you are showing but never tried one. I may do that now. Hope your ear infection is much better. Happy T day!

  8. You're the 2nd today to confess to judging by covers/labels, and I sometimes do the same thing. Sometimes the art is irresistible. I love your skeleton ATC. Happy T Tuesday!

  9. I hope your ear infection gets better soon. (and that the wine will still be drinkable)
    I also go for the label/cover. I think a lot of people do. That wine label is certainly interesting. I would catch my attention.
    Your ATC envelope is lovely so if that is anything to go by, your ATC itself will also be gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it soon.
    Happy T-Day,

  10. OK, Nancy. You have me convinced. We must have an ATC swap. That card you made for Mia is amazing. I love the little bird with the extended tail. I've seen where ATC parts extended past the allowed dimensions get brads added that allow things like arms, legs, tails, etc. to rotate and fit in the ATC/baseball card sleeves.

    I'd never heard of that wine, but I love the label. I hope your infection clears soon, so you can finish it.

    Your journal page is stunning. I love all the stencils you used and the tree that you made green. Thanks for sharing it with us at Art Journal Journey using Alison's theme.

    That's a lovely kitchen towel. I like the camper and the hot air balloon, which screams the southwest.

    Thanks for sharing your card to Mia, your fun kitchen towel, your journal page, and your clever wine with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nancy.

  11. I hope you're feeling much better soon! Your card is a delight and I'm sure Mia will love it 😀. Loving the tea towel and pages that you created with the Stamperia papers too - perfect! Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  12. Reading the title of this post stirred my curiosity to come see what it was all about! You've made some very creative items, and that playing card is so unique and fun! Everything's a treat for the eyes and I hope you're feeling better by now too! Take care!

  13. Nancy, I like your journal page, very nicely done. I love stencils and should play with them more often. You do great no matter which art form you do, journaling, Bible journaling, ATCs, scrapbooking all of it.
    Banco with family sounds fun, and the T towel gift thing sounds interesting, too. Glad you are feeling better; have a great week! Oh, and you are the only one of 14 who answered my question about the T stands for. Thank you! :_

  14. what a wonderful selection. Your journal page is wonderful with the splashes of colour and all the animals and birds on the pages. Great effect with the sparkly EP on your scull ATC :)

  15. I was looking for your e-mail address and can't find it anywhere. Can you help me out?

  16. Lovely card for Mia. The wine made me think of a slogan: Do the crime and drink the wine. I hope your earache is better soon. Kitchen towels. What a great idea for a prize. Love the one your brought. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I got a kick out of the dish towel and the skull ATC is fabulous. Happy T Day!

  17. It sounds like the kitchen counter has been rather busy Nancy! I love the card that houses your ATC, can't wait to see the ATC when it has been received. I hope the wine lived up to it's 'cover', it certainly looks interesting and what a fabulous kitchen towel.
    You have created a super ATC on the playing card, a great idea and your journal page is fabulous, beautiful birds and a great background.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  18. Very fun and creative art. I too buy books based on their covers but then I think most people do.
    What a great label on that bottle.
    Happy Belated Tea Day,

  19. Don't you just love the Dylusion Journals. The pages are such good quality paper that they take anything. Great page, lots of different things to see.
    Love the atc and the tea towel - but then I do love skulls. Not quite sure how you got that great effect on the atc but I like it
    Super card at the very beginning.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  20. What a lovely card- looking forward to seeing the ATC! Your journal page really is fantastic and perfect for Alison's theme at AJJ-thank you for joining us! Hope you feel better, belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  21. Great ATCs... and I just love your Summer Countryside spread. The boar leaping through the greenery is a wonderful addition to all the wildlife enjoying their time in the summer landscape. Thanks so much for joining us in the Summer Countryside at Art Journal Journey.
    Alison x

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  24. The bird card is tops! And your collage is filled with so many incredible elements to admire. Such a treat! I'm really into the mug shots and have been tempted to buy a set on Etsy for art, how fun! xx, Autumn


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