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Books, Beer, Coffee, and Art

 Happy T-day!  

I re-joined the library yesterday after a 20 year hiatus (can't find my Kindle - lol).

You probably guessed I would pick out some ghost books.  I am almost done with Beach House for Rent - I couldn't put it down.  The library limit is 15 books (per my daughter) and they have movies too.  They even have coffee (good coffee) - such a treat!

For the T-day Gang at Elizabeth's I have two fun drink pictures from this week.  My first is a beer flight my daughter and I shared at Coosa Cleaver.  We were able to socially distance at the bar due to road work cutting down on the number of people at the restaurant. I only liked the one on the right and Allie really only liked the one on the left.  

After a visit to the library we grabbed some fun coffee at a wonderful local coffee place in Prattville, Alabama - West Main Coffee House and Creamery.  

Allie had the Blind Tiger and I had the Lougarou. I can't remember what was in either coffee, but they were both wonderful!  

My oldest Grandson and crafting partner, Lewis, turned 6 a few weeks ago and his party was this past weekend at the local skating rink (his parents rented the whole rink for the party).  I wanted to wrap his present really special so I used one of the Dare to Get Dirty Challenges at to inspire me.  This is the top of the wrapping paper covered box (Lego set inside). 

The base of the scene is gesso, tape and ink, I used shells Lewis brought me back fro the beach, and I drew the fish.  He was amazed by it, and insisted I show him how to do it the next day.  

Hope you all have a wonderful week!




  1. Fun to get back to the library. (Though you can read your Kindle books on your computer😉) I was amazed how much the library has changed. More of a community space than a Shhhhh, no talking. Books, movies, classes. No coffee at my library. Sounds like a fun day with your daughter. The gift box is awesome! Love those shark! Happy T Day!

  2. Nancy, I so love that present you decorated for your grandson - fabulous! And you have been having some nice drinks, I'd prefer the coffee! I mostly use my Kindle these days, I can adjust the type size as I don't see well! Have a happy T Da, take care, hugs, Valerie

  3. Hi Nancy, your gift box is amazing, our GS would love it as he’s into all things animals,
    I like to try the craft beers in England although I’m not normally a beer drinker but sometimes it’s more refreshing than wine.
    I always went to the library in England and we take our GS when we are in England, they now have play areas etc nowadays and it’s all computerised, flummoxed me at first, ha,ha
    Have a Happy T Day

  4. Such a fabulous post! So many fabulous books and wow, I'd love to try those beers - cheers 😁. You made your grandson such special gift wrap too, loving the sea theme with the fun sharks. Happy T Day wishes! Hugs Jo x

  5. Hope you find your kindle!!
    Hmmm, the beer looks tempting! As the coffee :-)
    Cool wrapping paper.
    My Niece had no wish for her upcoming Birthday and the "mean" Aunt I am I got her a book on poo. Now I wonder how to wrap that!!!
    Maybe with pee. or toilets. TP? Your sharks look cute and thank you - I think I go for TP - problem solved!! :-)
    Happy T-Day and thank you for the input!! x

  6. The library is a wonderful place. There are just some books that you can't get on Kindle that you need an actual book. I visit every week as I still love print books. But I hope you find your Kindle.
    Such a great art project with your grandson. A great way to repurpose those Lego boxes.
    Happy Tea Day,

  7. I'm looking forward to going back to the library. I'm about to run out of books to read lol I'm not surprised that wrapping idea made a big hit. Happy T Tuesday!

  8. It is so nice to be able to visit the library again! Love the look of both those coffee drinks.
    And a fantastic looking wrapping- I'm sure your grandson is also going to love the crafty session:) Happy T day!

  9. I took a trip to our new library back in 2019 when they had an open house. It was shut down for over a year, but understand ours is open again. They also have a coffee bar inside. The old one was just a library. Now it's where we get covid shots.

    Your Midnight Special beer is the only one I would drink. I only like the dark/stout beers. The rest are too watered down for me. When I go out with friends and they get the tasters, I never order because everyone gives me their stout!

    I liked the names of your coffees. Sounds like you enjoyed them, too.

    How sweet to wrap your grandson's Legos with that paper. You drew the sharks so beautifully, too. Thanks for sharing your library finds, your Lego beach inspired wrap, your coffee, and your beer with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nancy.

  10. I am with you. I would go for the beer on the right. I do like a darker beer. And hurrah for libraries. There is nothing better than a good book, well art of course is just as good, so is spending time with daughters too. Smile. That is a cool wrapping cover for a lego set. My daughter is a lego girl herself. Makes shopping for birthdays or Christmas easy. Hope you had a super T day Nancy! Hugs-Erika

  11. I check out books online to my iPad. I like being able to do that, because if I finish a book late at night or on a Sunday, and there is another in the series, I can get the next book right away! You might get me started on ghost stories! LOL Happy T Day!

  12. Our library opened a few months ago. However, it is not the same. People have a time limit to find a book, no sitting, no art, no computers, just in and out. Glad you had an enjoyable day.

  13. I'm glad you liked your library books, our library did a scheme during lockdown, you told them what genres you were interested in and they put together a package of books that you could collect from the entrance and keep for three weeks, they would then put together another collection for you to collect when you returned the others - it worked really well.
    Your beers and coffees look great and I'm not surprised your box was a hit, it looks marvellous, you have a very lucky grandson.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  14. Great that you have re-discovered the library. Our village has a library but I have never been. I still have too many books on my Kindle to read. (I keep buying them).
    Your beers look interesting. I like stout so I would probably go for the one on the right.
    Your wrapping paper work of art is just that. A work of art! I'm sure your grandson loved it. (I hope he didn't rip it apart)
    Happy belated T-Day,

  15. love the wrapping paper on the box, that looks so exciting! The coffees also look delicious, and congrats on getting back to the library and finding some good books! Happy T Day Elle xx

  16. the wrapping paper is amazing, he might have almost liked the paper more than the gift ♥ Have fun back at the Library, and the beer tasting looked fun :)

  17. Nancy I always used to go to the library but now read mainly on my kindle unless I buy a book that I want to keep. I used to be in a book club and read up to 5 books per month. We have two bookcases floor to ceiling with so many books. I loved the book club but I took up craft and the rest is history lol. I bet Lewis loved his gift and box. So cool and perfect for the challenge. We go to breweries here and sample beers….and wineries’s quite big here. You used to be able to sample for free but now most establishments charge $5 and you get that deducted from any purchases. Let’s say we don’t have to worry about paying for the samples lol. I love how you and your DD have fun and go to some cool places. Happy week and hugs jx

  18. I haven't been to my library since my children were little Nancy. I doubt I'll make it there anytime soon, as I have to be very careful with mixing because of my health. Those books look good, I've been checking out Mary Alice Monroe, and her books sound good. Those beers look delicious, lovely to spend time with your daughter. I wish my children lived a bit nearer. You made an amazing parcel for Lewis, I'm not surprised that he loved it.

  19. How wonderful of you to decorate that gift like that - truly a work of He(art). I can understand him wanting to do one himself.
    Your drinks look ever so appetising and thought I do not drink coffee (shame on me) I can imagine they both tasted wonderful.
    Hugs, Neet xx
    ps I popped on here to say how much I loved your comment on my 'who dunnit' page. I had a good laugh at your logic. Thank you xx


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