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Books, Cookies, Drinks, and Art

Been a busy week already and it is only Monday (or Tuesday if you are in the T-Gang  - we celebrate Tuesday if it is Tuesday anywhere in the world). 

A bit of stress relief here - 4 new books from the library and a Bud Light Blue Raspberry Selzer.  The Girl in the Walls is a ghost story of some type so you know it will be the first one read!  The ghost stories last week were my favorite - although, Beach House for Rent was really fun. 

Happy T-day to all my friends who meet up at Elizabeth's (Altered Book Lover Blog) each Monday/Tuesday.  We would love to have you come join us.  All you have to do is share something drink related - could be a movie, a book, your favorite drink of the week (any type), art, billboards, signs, quotes, etc.  If you look at my picture above you see how easy it is. 

Sharing some cookie pictures from the party my sweet friend Rachel threw for her daughter's 1st birthday.  They were soooo good!  I ate 1/2 of a rainbow one since I had a cupcake too - hense the 100 calorie Selzer above...

I saw a picture of the decorations beforehand, so I made some fun wrapping paper for her present - a baby balance bike.
I made two pages in my journal for Neet's "Type" Theme at **ART*JOURNAL*JOURNEY*.
Recyling a Martha Steward Halloween label purchased at a garage sale.  I was inspired by THIS card done by Linda (Glittergal on  Also my hubby got a very cool paper bag with vintage advertisements on it so I cut out the sections with coffee and a fun one about a Steady Woman.  Since Neet loves stories - I have one:

John was raising Addie and Amelia on his own and that was hard in the 1920s.  He decided to put advertisement in the paper for help:  A family in the country needs a sensible, well educated, steady woman of strict morals, healthy, and a thorough good cook especially of meat, pastry, preserves, etc.  He added in that she will have proper assistant in the kitchen because Amelia had learned a lot about cooking from her dear mother who passed on to Heaven two years ago after contracting the influenza.  John was hoping she would be pretty,  Addie was hoping she would be sweet, and Amelia was hoping she would stay after she found out the proper assistant was her!

Also since Elizabeth has gotten me addicted to ATCs I thought I would share a few I made for a Facebook swap.

Thanks for stopping by!




  1. Nice collection of books Nancy. And drink for T too. And art also. So many nices this week. You definitely are feeling fall and Halloween. (Me too, or starting too. I need to get my box of Halloween stamps and papers out.) It is fun to see your pieces and get some inspiration. That's a great page and story for AJJ too. Thanks for joining Nett's challenge. Have a super week and of course a nice T day too! Hugs-Erika

  2. Love your journal page. That wrapping paper is adorable and goes perfectly with those pretty cookies.
    Happy Tea Day,

  3. Fabulous journal pages and ATCs, wow, you have been having fun. Halloween is such a fun time! Enjoy the books, too. Love the wrapping paper you made for the baby, the cookies look so pretty, too. Thanks for joining us at Neet*s challenge, and for the story, it's great! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Who´s you Mummy sure made me giggle. Love them all. It looks likeyou really had fun and (for you) yummy times!
    I still have the Lebkuchen-heart from 20..17? and this year´s Easter-chocolate bunny from W. Sweets are rather not my thing ;-)
    Have a happy T-day, oh, boy, really, Halloween is just around the corner!

  5. I do like the window page with the Goblin Grogg advert on it. The lettering is fabulous wish I could do that type of writing freehand. My favourite has to be the one with the story about John raising his two girls and the advertisement he put in the paper. I hope he got what he wished for, Amelia too. it made me smile.
    You have some great atc's there for us, all ready for halloween. I do like the mummy, he is fabulous!
    Great selection of reading and the drink sounds yummy - enjoy them all.
    Thanks for joining in my theme at AJJ with such a super post and great pages.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  6. I hope you enjoy your books Nancy and I like the wrapping paper that matches the yummy looking cookies. I love your journal pages and the super back story, you are a mine of information, I look forward to visiting your blog and learning something different. You have also created some fun ATCs, I especially like the 'Who's your Mummy?' one - you have been a busy lady.
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  7. Your wrapping paper is cute and those cookies are just adorable. Love your collection of Halloween ATCs. Who's your mummy made me laugh. Happy T Day

  8. Fabulous celebrations, loving those cookies and the wrapping paper that you made looks so pretty too 😀. Great to read while enjoying a drink - perfect! Happy T Day! Hugs Jo x

  9. We just got a few more books from our library to enjoy while we take some time off. So nice to have them open again!
    Love the pretty and fancy cookies and your wrapping paper coordinated well with them. That vintage advert paper is very cool!
    Fun ATCs, and even more fun to swap. I have boxes of ATCs from MANY swaps I participated in or hosted for years. Every once in awhile I take them pout to look at and enjoy all over again.
    Happy T day!

  10. Such great journal page and ATCs! It's fun to make them for a swap.
    The cookies for the baby party are gorgeous. Does the horse shoe decoration symbolize teething?
    You have a nice collection of books there. I too read alot but I get my books on Kindle as our library doesn't have any books in English (I prefer to read in English, other languages are just hard work)
    Your drink is new to me. I can see it has alcohol in it and raspberry juice (or flavor). Looks nice. I wish I could try a sip...
    Happy T-Day,

  11. The Girl in the Walls has me hitting Google. I'll look for it when I go back to the library. I love those kinds of cookies! and those are so pretty :) I love your ATCs. I always liked the small format. Happy T Tuesday!

  12. You create such beautiful art! I especially like the art journal spread and the ATCs - Who's your mummy made me laugh! Enjoy those books! Happy T day!

  13. You always make me smile, Nancy. Those cookies your friend made are wonderful and your rainbow wrapping paper was great.

    What an amazing spread you created for Art Journal Journey. I not only love the story of the father and his two children, I love the background coffee paper you chose. Both sides were great and I can tell you are definitely ready for Halloween. And of course, the Goblin Grogg page was great. Thanks for this awesome entry at Art Journal Journey using Neet's theme.

    You have created some incredible ATCs. You are definitely on a roll.

    I hope you enjoyed the books you chose this week. I'm not much for ghost stories, but I know you are. Looks like you also had a great drink while perusing those books, too.

    Thanks for sharing your journal pages, ATCs, books you are reading, the party cookies, and your Seltzer you shared with us for T this Tuesday. I sure hope this publishes, dear.

  14. Those cookies look yummy Nancy and great wrapping paper. I love love your art journal. That vintage bag and paper is sooo cool. I love cutting up paper bags from stores to use in my art. Your art and ATCs are fabulous. Enjoy your books. Thanks for the read this week and for the story. Happy Tuesday. Hugs from Oz

  15. The cookies look beautifully decorated. I think those baby balance bikes are very good for kids.

    best... mae at

  16. I can see why you were tempted by the cookies and a brilliant idea to make matching wrapping paper!
    I love the page for Neet's theme at AJJ and I suppose I should be bracing myself for Halloween - not my favourite theme but do enjoy seeing what other folk make! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  17. Wow I just love this art. Your cookies are a work of art too. Lovely post.

  18. Fabulous journal pages and the brilliant ATC's!!!
    Happy day, Hug Elke

  19. Beautiful art journal page with old days touch. Love your ATCs both Halloween and fun ones 😀
    Have a nice week💚🐝

  20. Those cookies look so yummy!
    The story--had me chuckling all the way. But those were the times. My grandmother was considered an old maid in her mid-20s. She got hired by an old bachelor as a housekeeper and later they married and she had three kids (my mom was oldest). So if not for those strange ads I wouldn't be here--LOL! ;)

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