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Lobster, Harry Potter's Dorm Room, and Some Art

 Happy Monday/Tuesday!  It is Tuesday somewhere so were posting our drink related posts and linking up over at Elizabeth's blog.  Elizabeth is still celebrating her 10 years of  T-day which is quite a feat!  

I am posting my drink first in case you want to skip the rest of this post which is heavily ladden with Harry Potter (I know some of you are not fans).  During our Geogia trip I wanted to try a few lobster rolls.  When were were in Duluth, we found Steami's Lobster which was rated on the list of lobster rolls to try around Atlanta.  I know this looks nothing like Erika's rolls from Pop's, but I wanted to try it anyway.

The beer was perfect with the lobster roll.  I liked the lobster roll - I would give it a 7 out of 10. The roll part was very strange...I couldn't decide if it was supposed to be a rectangular hot dog bun or french bread.  The lobster was wonderful, but the bread part didn't score high with me.  Hubby had the lobster fries.  He liked them.  The night before got to Duluth, we stayed in the Harry Potter Dorm House in Chickamauga, Ga. I promised pictures so here they come (today is Harry's birthday so it seems the perfect day to post all this - lol). 

As I shared last week, we parked in front of the Ron's Dad's Flying car.
The car was packed inside with details from the movie - Harry's trunk, Hedwig's cage, plus some other items. 
One of the rules is that you have to call in 30 minutes before you get there so they can start the "magic."  I won't tell you the magic in case you want to stay there too, but it is super FUN.  We tried to call 30 minutes before but we were the very top of lookout mountain and had no service.  So then we had to drive around Chickamauga for a bit... The Dorm Room house is actually a tiny house.  It doesn't look like it could be from Harry Potter on the outside but it does have this fun mail box and a cool door. 
By the way, this house is right next door to the Adventure Movie house which is decorated like Raiders of the Lost Ark.  That house is bigger and has three bedrooms.  The bedrooms are hidden - you have to find them.  It was Sunday and she had no one in it and she let me go exploring.  I found one bedroom (it was behind a curtain in the bathroom.  I couldn't find the other two.  Hubby came back with me and we found another behind a book case.  The owners had to tell us how to find the third one.  It was the coolest room and it was decorate like a tent in the Amazon - literally.  It was super cool!  She also has several other properties like another Harry Potter themed house (bigger than the one we stayed in), the Gamekeeper's hut (like Hagrid's house), a Fairy Tale house, and a castle (complete with a hidden treasure and a giant shower - one of the biggest I have ever seen).  All her properties are super reasonable and she is VERY nice.  We want to go back. 

Now back to the Harry Potter themed dorm house we stayed in.  When you come in there are "House Rules" and in the scroll there is a Scavenger hunt of Harry Potter items.  There are hundreds (literally) of Harry Potter items in this house!
I am not going to share everything just in case you want to come stay too, but I will share a few pictures.  The bathroom was amazing and she put towels out matching our personal favorite houses.Hubby through my Ravenclaw towel in the tub so his house would be the only one showing (lol). I could show you 10 more pictures of the bathroom but my favorite part of the magic is in there and I don't want to ruin it for you if you want to go. 
This house has two twin beds and a couch so it only sleeps three.  We were a bit afraid of sleeping in twin beds, but I slept so good. 
There was so much to look at tht I didn't even notice this sorting hat until the next day.  You can see fro this picture she has all the walls and the ceiling covered in old rugs. Very cozy and the perfect feel. 

All the Harry Potter movies are available.  I have seen the movies a bunch of times, but I have to say nothing beats watching the while you are staying here!  You feel a bit like you are in the movie.  
She has some walls all done with pictures - very cool effect. 
There are several cabinets and cubbies filled with HP items - here is one.  Notice all the fun things just in this one cabinet or actually this one shelf in the cabinet. You can see my reflection in the picture - super fun. 

Here is one of the scrapbook pages I did on the trip.  I am linking it up with **ART*JOURNAL*JOURNEY*  where it is the very last day of Alison's Come Fly with Me theme. I have an owl post digital image so it works. 

I cased THIS cool page by Jennifer over at  She is this week's Featured Stamper.  When I started the page, I was going to use the fireplace and other cozy looking pictures, but they were too dark. I like it anyway. 

I also did a card this weekend.

The lantern stamp is from Penny Black.  I bought it after watching how to paint it with distress inks from THIS fab video (you need to watch it).  I bought the candle/candle holder too and can't wait to try it.  Micheline is so good with stamps and painting. I know you are wondering about the balloon arrangement on the left of my painting - the inspiration challenge theme this weekend was balloon arrangements - lol. The sentiment is from SU!  One more Christmas card down.

Happy T-day and hope you have a wonderful week!




  1. Lobster fries sound very good to me - I think they look delicious. I agree, the roll/bread part of your lobster roll looks a bit strange. Blue Moon is a great beer to go with it, I like drinking it. Your card is VERY beautiful, it has such a peaceful atmosphere. Happy T day!

  2. All the Harry Potter collections and decor look like tons of fun! What a great place to stay. I have also seen the movies and read the books many times, and there's always something new.
    best, mae at

  3. Oh wow Nancy. I get what you mean about the lobster roll bread, but the lobster part looks pretty good. In New England lobster rolls are always on hot dog rolls. And lobster fries sound and look amazing too. I've never seen those, and I would definitely want to try them. But the star of this post is definitely the Harry Potter house. I would love to stay there. It looks really cool and really fun. I think I am putting it on my bucket list. And thanks so much for sharing this page for Alison's challenge too. I love it. This was a really fun post and I enjoyed it. And I love that you got to check some things off your bucket list too. That's what I like to do too. Happy T day and happy start to August too. hugs-Erika

  4. I had no idea there were places in Atlanta to eat lobster rolls! I will have to check this out next time we visit our daughter. Oh, my goodness, Nancy, you find the neatest places to go! How do you find out about all of them? Great jpurnal page and gorgeous card! Happy T Day.

    1. Found this on Airbnb, Sharon. I found her first Harry Potter house in 2019ish but it stayed booked up for a long time. I was so thrilled to find an opening and exactly the day we would be there. She was the same price as a hotel really.

  5. Sadly I don´t like lobster and I have never seen/read... you know, but WOW this all is SO COOL! Made with so much love for detail I am nearly ready to give Harry Potter a go ;-)
    Thank you for sharing the magic (sadly but certainly not all of it). To a very happy T-Day hugz!

    1. Iris, just read one book. I think you will love it.

  6. Wonderful posting! So Cool photos Harry potter room ! The foot is very good! Fantastic journal page and card!
    Happy week, hug Elke

  7. It's obvious I will never visit that house, but you are such a tease, I would love to go, even though I have never seen or read any HP.

    I am NOT a fan of mayo, so the Connecticut lobster roll would make me super happy. I'd have those fries on the side (grin). I remember when Blue Moon came up with the idea of adding an orange slice to their draft beer. I've never had it, because it isn't a stout.

    Your card is stunning. That is a lovely lantern. And how sweet that you shared your time at the HP house and turned it into an owl entry for Alison's theme at AJJ.

    Thanks for sharing your card, your AJJ page, your lobster roll, and your beer with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nancy.

  8. Just a short, generic comment today, as I am not up to much just now. Happy T Day and have a great week, hugs! Valerie
    Harry Potter house, gorgeous. I have a broomstic k and a wand, I'll show soon!

  9. I wrote on another blog today that I have never had a lobster roll. Wish there was a place to get one here. LOL Love this post. What a great place to visit. Have a nice day today.

  10. I've never had lobster roll -I never see it on menus here- but I'd enjoy trying one.

    Harry Potter made a big hit with some in my family, especially my husband who knows all the trivia lol He'd especially enjoy this.

    Happy T Tuesday

  11. Yum lobster roll! Your adventure looks to be so much fun and how intriguing it all sounds too! Love the Harry Potter theme and the books! Your lantern card looks absolutely incredible Nancy! You've done such a brilliant job with it!

  12. I loved seeing the HP house you stayed at! It looks like loads of fun! And the lobster sounds delicious! That roll is unusual looking for sure. I think I would opt for the lobster fries.
    Happy Tea Day,

  13. I'm sure I would love lobster roll! I can tell how much this means to you by your not giving secrets away! It must have been fun! Love the journal page for Alison's AJJ theme! I love the card too! I did say last year that I would try to get my Christmas cards done early but I haven't thought about it yet! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  14. Lobster fries sound absolutely delightful to me! They look incredibly delicious, and I can almost feel the taste.
    The Harry Potter collections and decor seem like an absolute blast! Spending time in such a place must be a magical experience, with all the enchanting elements surrounding you. It's definitely a great destination for fans of the wizarding world.
    Wishing you a very Happy T Day as well! May it be filled with relaxation, your favorite tea, and enjoyable moments. Cheers!

  15. Lobster fries sound intriguing. Your Harry Potter adventure sounds like a lot of fun. What a cool place to stay. Happy T Day

  16. What an amazing experience Nancy! I loved all the HP books, and enjoyed reading the early ones to my children. They are both still fans too.
    The lobster roll and fries look delicious, and are making my mouth water.
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful HP page with my AJJ theme, and thanks for giving me the heads up so I didn't miss it.
    Your card is gorgeous too.
    Happy August!

  17. Dear Nancy,
    I love lobster - that would have been the perfect start for me. I admired the car last time, but not the contents - it's great that they pay so much attention to detail. And then sleeping in the magical HP house, that's awesome! I'm afraid I'll never sleep there, so I won't find out the secrets either - unless you tell me...
    Hugs and all the best from Austria


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